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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012

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Welcoming a new life into the world is an astounding privilege and a great adventure, but the price tag of those bundles of joy can quickly get out of hand. While there are many things a baby absolutely requires, like a car seat or crib, home decor for the new baby is mostly optional. But what crafter could let a drab room go untouched (particularly one that has so much potential)? Below we share some super chic and ultra-cheap home decoration tutorials for the nursery. These projects make cute home decor attainable on a tight budget and most require only fabric and intermediate skills on a sewing machine.

Recover a nursery rocker chair
Rocking Chair Cover

This type of rocking chair can be found on any city’s Craigslist, often at very cheap prices. However, the cushions often come in faded pink or a dusty blue, which is not ideal for home decoration. This tutorial for how to cover a rocking chair offers a perfect solution: an easy re-upholstery project that's possible with a sewing machine.
Get started by visiting Mandipidy.
Two fabric (pink and pink birdies) changing pad cover
Changing Pad Cover

Who wants to spend a lot of money on something that is most often splattered in poop (though, let’s be honest, what nursery item isn’t splattered with one gross thing or another)? But even the changing pad can match the rest of your home decor with this simple tutorial. Two or more changing pad covers are best—spares are necessary for the wash rotation.
Check out the patchwork changing pad tutorial at Prudent Baby.
Long curtains for the nursery
Nursery Curtains

These gorgeous curtains have kid-friendly safety features built in: a child can play Tarzan on them and they won’t tear, but instead they unsnap and come floating down — without bringing the whole curtain rod with them. It might even be helpful to use them as home decoration in every room.
Visit Young House Love for the details.
Pink and Brown Baby Rag Quilt
Baby Rag Quilt

There are never enough blankets in a nursery, and this rag quilt is both charming and super soft. Forget the high prices of baby boutiques and department stores. Make this lovely quilt yourself, and it can match any color scheme or any themed nursery.
Visit Creations by Kara to see how it’s made.
Adorable two fabric diaper box
Canvas Diaper Box

This adorable storage solution is perfect for any room, but it is especially suited for storing countless diapers in an easy-to-reach location. It might also be used for small toys, soaps and lotions, or any number of assorted baby-related items. The best part: it's very simple to make and requires no sewing. A paper crafter might even be able to replicate this home decoration project with scrapbook paper.
Find the diaper box tutorial at Mandy’s Krafty Exploits.
Teal and Sunflower Yellow Fabric Pom Pom Mobile
Fabric Pom Pom Mobile

This attractive mobile can be made with leftover fabric scraps from the previous craft projects, and it doesn’t require a sewing machine or a single stitch of sewing suaveness. It's easy to incorporate into your nursery's theme or colors.
Create it using the home decoration tutorial from First Time Fancy.

Image Credits (from the top): Mandipidy, Prudent Baby, Young House Love, Creations by Kara, Mandy's Crafty Exploits, First Time Fancy

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