8 Easy DIY Onesie Projects

Posted by on Jul 07, 2016

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Make a DIY onesie for the tiny tot in your life with these easy and quick projects. Stencil a business tie onto the classic white snap-bottom cover up using freezer paper or refashion a onesie into a unique bubble dress or superhero costume.

Remember when working with the small fabrics, particularly when sewing or embroidering, the space is tight and offers less freedom of movement with larger craft tools like a sewing machine. However, each of these DIY onesie projects are as easy as they are adorable and will add even more cuteness to your tiny baby cuddle bug.

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The Straight and Arrow

This Valentine’s Day–inspired onesie uses arrows to hint at the holiday but is modern enough to wear all year long. The designer offers one note about the craft: black fabric paint will fight hard if you splatter and try to remove it from white knit fabric. Thus, paint carefully — or be comfortable with smudges.
For the Love Of shares this free DIY onesie how-to.
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Onesie Funsie

Scrap fabric in asymmetrical shapes create this robot applique. Buttons create literal belly buttons as well as mismatched eyes. Get inspired by this unique idea and adorn your cotton onesie with a unique fabric detail like vegetables or animals rather than paint. Keep to large straight-line shapes like circles and triangles to make sewing easier on the tiny, tiny clothing.
Made by Lori shares a free template to make your own robot onesie.
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Bonjour Baby

Simple freezer paper serves as a stencil for this french mustache onesie. Ironing the wax paper to the shirt can keep the lightweight material on while you fill in the cut out with fabric paint. Essentially Eclectic makes some great suggestions about painting, peeling the paper and other adorably funny stencil designs. 
To see the how-to on this design, head to 
Essentially Eclectic.
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Faux Vest Onesie

More sophisticated than your typical baby wear, this DIY onesie employs a tan suede bow tie together with a grey vest that will just make him look so intellectual. Sketch up a vest panel, tracing over the size of the onesie and use fabric to cut out your vest pieces. You can use a pair of old grey pants. This onesie is fit for a little gentlemen and if you don't have a boy yet, you'll certainly want one after crafting it.
Grey Luster Girl shares this free DIY onesie how-to.
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We'll Stencil You In

A white cotton onesie gets a complete makeover with RIT Dye and freezer paper stencils. A matching headband (or maybe wristbands or socks for a boy) complete the how-to. The image can be anything from the internet, though first timers may want to keep to large outlines without too much intricate details through which paint may bleed.
See Vanessa Craft shares how to make your own owl DIY onesie.
Applique Day

This applique how-to offers inspiration for adding business ties, vests and bow-ties onto hand-me-down onesies that are then decorated with some simple embroidery stitches. Use this sewing pattern to inspire other 3-D onesie ideas like quilted fronts, stitched waist bows with a tiny ribbon at the side or even a fuzzy stole or “pearl” necklace made with poofed fabric.
Home Heart Craft shares this free DIY onesie sewing pattern.
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The Shirt of Dad's Back
Daddy’s old T-shirt becomes a unique DIY onesie when the bottom is cut to fit baby’s tinier length and then elastic is sewn to the new hem. Rather like a long dress, this onesie adds personality and charm to a baby’s wardrobe while also keeping those worn-out but much loved T-shirts in use.
Learn how to make your own DIY onesie with the free tutorial from The Cheese Thief.
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Like Candy From a Baby

A dip-dyed onesie creates an easy Halloween costume for those looking to dress up their tiny ones. Use this same, simple method to make rainbow onesies (with a pot of gold headband), a 4th of July flag or even a red-and-white “Where’s Waldo?” shirt.
Swell Designer shares more on making this DIY onesie.

Image credits (from top): Makeit Loveit, For the Love Of, Made by Lori, Essentially Eclectic, Grey Luster Girl, See Vanessa Craft, Home Heart Craft, The Cheese Thief and Swell Designer

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