Quirky Handmade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017

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You might remember in horror the handmade Halloween costumes that mom made for you as a kid. These infamously embarrassing creations were far from a hit. But not all DIY Halloween costumes inspire the memories (and photos) you take to your grave. In fact, these kids' costumes are worlds away from those sad costumes of yesteryear. Check out this round up of the best of the bunch for your little one to wear this Hallow's Eve.

handmade kids candy corn costume
Candy Corn Sweetheart

Few actually like the taste of candy corn, but everybody will love this sweet handmade candy corn kids Halloween costume. Best of all, this costume is amazingly simple to make -- all you'll need is a half yard of orange, yellow, and white felt fabric and some basic sewing skills.

DIY Sherlock Holmes Costume, DIY Halloween Kids Costumes
Sherlock Holmes-made

Help your little one solve the case in this DIY Sherlock Holmes costume for kids. This tutorial even comes with detailed instructions to make Sherlock's famous tweed hat!

DIY Kids Halloween Costumes, DIY Fox Costume for Kids, DIY Halloween Costume Children
Fantastic Little Fox

Use and modify the items already found in your little one's closet to make this adorable fox Halloween costume. The blogger behind The Paper Mama refashioned a red jacket, a hooded sweater, and sewn-on felt ears and stuffed tail. With these artful details, your fox cub will be ready to trick-or-treat!

handmade kids halloween costume Pac-Man ghost
Pac-Man Ghost 

This costume is so cute you'll wish it was Halloween every day. If you're lucky enough to know a few wee ones in need of a costume, make one of these Pac-Man Ghost kids costumes in every color. To make one, cut out a purple fleece ghost shape and sew it to a onesie or long t-shirt using a zigzag stitch. Not feeling crafty? Purchase a similar handmade ghost costume made by Etsy shop owner boobercakes.

handmade kids halloween superhero costume idea
Create Your Own Hero!

Generally speaking, when your kid wants to be a superhero, he or she envisions the full-on, store-bought costume. But if you create your own character, you can go the handmade route. That's exactly what Abbey Hendrickson of blog Aesthetic Outburst did for her little guy, creating the fabulous Mr. E ("mystery") DIY Halloween costume.

kids handmade costume idea featuring sushi
The Wishing Elephant
Sushi, Anyone?

A little fabric paint, ribbon and fleece transforms a simple onesie into a delectable DIY sushi roll kids costume. Not that we had to tell you your tot is cute enough to eat, already. To order a pre-made costume, visit The Wishing Elephant on Etsy!

Channel Your Inner Emotions

This creative makeup tutorial will help your little guy or gal become their favorite character from Pixar's Inside Out for Halloween. The above video from YouTube user KittiesMama is for a Sadness costume, but there are also makeup tutorials for creating Joy and Disgust costumes, as well as this incredibly intricate Anger makeup.

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