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Posted by on Apr 03, 2022

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Easter is one of those holidays that comes with built-in fun crafts for kids. From eggs to the Easter Bunny, the holiday is second only to Christmas when it comes to fun kids’ crafts. As this springtime holiday approaches, add a little crafting fun into your kids’ lives with these awesome crafting ideas.

Easter bunny wreath
Easter Bunny Wreath

Who says that wreaths are only for Christmas? This adorable Easter Bunny wreath is a great way to decorate for the holiday and it’s a fun kids’ Easter craft. Trace a small plate and a large plate on a sheet of cardboard to get your wreath shape. Then cut out strips of construction paper in different springtime colors and roll them into loops. Next, glue the rolls of construction paper onto your cardboard ring. Finally, add your Easter Bunny (see the template via the link below) and you've got the finished product!
For more instructions on this kids’ Easter craft, visit the DLTK site
Ruffled crepe paper egg stands
Crepe Easter Egg Cups

When you think of Easter, you inevitably think of eggs. Whether you like to eat yours dyed and hard-boiled or simply hide them for your little ones to find, you’re going to need a classy and unique way to display them before dinner. Simply cut a toilet paper roll in two pieces. Take one half and glue some crepe paper around the tube, ruffling as you go. If you’re using these as place cards, put a ribbon around the center and write your guests' names there. 
For more directions for this kids’ Easter craft, visit Free Kids Crafts.
Jeweled Easter eggs
Jeweled Easter Eggs

For a new spin on Easter eggs, class them up with these flat-sided jewels. First, you need to boil your eggs. Once that's done and they've dried, create some “puddles” of paint on the egg, spaced however you would like them, and place the jewels in the paint puddles. The paint will help the jewels adhere to the egg. Feel free to add some glitter or any other extra adornments you might like.
For more information on this kids’ Easter craft, visit Kaboose.
Stained glass egg decorations
Stained Glass Window Decorations

These window decorations are a great kids' Easter craft because they're simple and they add to your holiday decor. For this craft, you'll need some thin white cardboard and sheets of colorful cellophane. Cut an Easter egg shape out of your cardboard and then cut rectangles, zigzags and anything else you’d like into the egg shape. Now glue the cellophane to the back of your egg, preferably with a different color shining through each shape. Hang them on your window and let the sun come through!
For more information on this kids’ Easter craft, visit Look What Mom Found.
Weaved basket made with cardboard
Cardboard Square Basket

This kids' Easter craft is not only fun, it's useful. This cute little basket can be used to hold your kids' dyed Easter eggs or the candy they receive from the Easter Bunny. This is also a great minimalist crafting project — all you'll need is some cardboard, a few cutting tools and some tape. Cut your cardboard sheet into quarter-inch strips, then start threading the strips together to create a woven basket look. Then you can fill it with plastic grass or tissue paper and add your Easter eggs or candy.
For more information on this kids' Easter craft, visit Instructables.
Easter bunnies made of cotton balls and Q-tips
Mini Bunnies

These mini fluffy bunnies are absolutely adorable and are the perfect kid'’ Easter crafts. You'll need some cotton balls, some Q-tips, googly eyes and some pink pipe cleaners. First cut your Q-tips into shorter pieces — two for the ears and four more for the feet. Glue these pieces to the cotton ball body of your bunny, then add on the googly eyes and a bit of pink pipe cleaner for the nose.
For more information on this kids’ Easter craft, visit Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

Credits: Free Kids' Crafts, Kidspot, Instructables, Kaboose, DLTK and Busy Bee Kids Crafts.


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