9 Easter Egg Crafts Beyond Dyeing

Posted by on Apr 05, 2023

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Although coloring with store-bought egg dyes and crayons will always hold a special place in our hearts, now it's time to break out of your shell and try some new ways to decorate your Easter eggs. Some of these projects are perfect for kids of all ages, making them a great after-school project. The more complex ones can become beautiful Easter brunch centerpieces. 

Easter eggs filled with Fruity Pebbles
Party Inside an Egg

Traditionally, cascarones are used as celebration party favors in Mexico, Spain and Italy. After you drain and dye your eggs, stuff them with some sort of confetti such as birdseed, glitter or even Fruity Pebbles, then seal them with glue and tissue paper. 
Here's the adorable how-to at OhHappyDay.com.
sequin coated easter eggs in pastel colors
Glitter Eggs

All you need for this fun, messy, sparkly project is to coat your hard-boiled egg with glue and then place it in a plastic cup full of glitter. Use solid colors or go nuts with some patterns.
Go to CraftAholicsAnonymous.net for the step-by-step. 
Bubble-wrap printing on Easter eggs
Bubble-Wrap Eggs

This printmaking technique with bubble wrap is super easy and produces quirky and fun results. You can layer more than one color and add other materials for printing patterns as well. 
Check out the instructions at The Daily Meal.
marbled tie-dyed eggs.
Marbled Eggs

To make these pretty marbled, tie-dyed eggs, dip your blown eggs into water mixed with an enamel paint. The separation of the water from the paint gives you an unpredictable pattern on every egg. Let your eggs dry and then repeat the process with another color.
Here's the how-to at Epicurious.com.
stamped herbs on Easter Eggs
Natural Veggie Eggs
Boil leftover produce to get all-natural dyes, such as red and pink from beets, green from spinach, blue from cabbage and orange from carrots. You can add stenciled shapes from herbs such as mint, parsley and basil, or use them to make pretty green stamps on brown eggs.  
Here's the detailed how-to at AdventuresinCooking.


napkin patterned decoupage Easter eggs
Decoupage Eggs

Take your prettiest paper napkins and transfer them to eggs. Start by cutting out all the pieces, then keep adding them to the eggs to create patterns. Afterward, coat your eggs with another sealing layer of decoupage. 
You can see the directions at Southern Hospitality.
chocolate and treat filled Easter eggs
Chocolate-Lined, Stuffed Eggs

Take your blown-out, dyed egg and pour melted chocolate into the shell, rotating it to get a clean, even coat. You can then stuff it with a tasty surprise. 
Here's the beautifully photographed how-to at NotMartha.org.
cross-stitched Easter Eggs
Cross-Stitched Eggs

Ukranian artist Forostyuk Inna creates cross-stitch patterns on her eggs. We can't provide a how-to, but if you're handy with the needle and thread, you can give it a try. Or just enjoy looking at the artist's work. 
You can read more about this craft at SublimeStitching.com and Wiki.
Ukrainian style Easter Eggs
Ukranian Eggs

These beautiful eggs in the Ukrainian style can get quite intricate. Use a stylus with melted wax to create dots, stripes, letters and symbols against a colorful background. 
Here's the simplified how-to at All Recipes.


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