Creative DIY Ideas for Easter Eggs

Posted by on Apr 03, 2014

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Now that springtime has officially arrived, the next big holiday that we can look forward to is Easter. Easter is a really great opportunity for crafts geared toward kids. There are plenty of decorations you can make with kids, and perhaps the most important craft associated with the holiday is Easter eggs! There are many ways to dye your eggs. Of course there is the typical way of using food coloring or a dye kit. But if you’re looking for a creative egg dyeing solution, you might want to try one of these six creative DIY ideas.

Chalkboard paint Easter eggs
Chalkboard Eggs

This one is really exciting — Easter eggs covered in chalkboard paint! The process for making these eggs is fairly simple. Just hard boil your eggs the way you normally would and then paint them with about 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint, which you can find at various crafting and art supply stores. Then just use chalk to add a message! This craft intends for the eggs to become decoration, so there is a procedure involved to remove the contents of the egg, so that you can keep it around for longer. The tutorial also includes a nest you can make to house your eggs for display.
For more information on this creative Easter egg craft, visit The Red Thread Blog.
Natural dye Easter eggs
Natural Dye Eggs

While those dye packs you can find at the grocery store are simple to use, they may be filled with chemicals that you don’t want your kids coming in contact with. The good news is that there are many substances in the natural world that can simulate the same types of vibrant colors for your dyed eggs. This blog post details which natural ingredients to use for certain colors. For instance, you can use yellow apples and fennel to get a yellow-green color. Grape juice and vinegar will get you a lavender color. There are many more!
For more information on this creative Easter egg craft, visit Better Homes & Gardens.
Easter eggs dyed with nail polish
Nail Polish Eggs

Nail polish, it turns out, can be used for more than just dazzling up your nails. For this craft, consider raiding your local dollar store’s supply of nail polish. Or, if you have some nail polish that you don’t use anymore, put it to good use in this craft! Once you have your eggs boiled, place them in a bowl of water, to which you’ve added a few drops of each nail polish color you’d like to use. Then dunk your egg in, let them get coated in color, and then allow them to dry. The finished product will create a cool, marbled effect with different colors. 
For more information on this creative Easter egg craft, visit Little Inspiration.
Easter eggs colored by Kool-Aid
Kool-Aid Dyed Eggs

Just as nail polish can be repurposed for crafting usage, so too can Kool-Aid! In addition to being creative, this egg dyeing project is also quite frugal. All you need are some eggs and a few packs of Kool-Aid. You’ll need ⅔ of a cup of water for each packet of Kool-Aid and, of course, some boiled eggs. Fill a coffee mug with each color, and then dip the eggs in for just a couple of minutes to get your preferred color. Different flavors will give you different colors, obviously, and your kitchen will smell quite fruity after you’re done!
For more information on this creative Easter egg craft, visit Fabulessly Frugal.
Eggs in bright red, yellow, and green with white lettering on them
Subway Art Eggs

These vibrantly colored eggs covered in brilliant white lettering are absolutely gorgeous! To create them, you’ll need acrylic paint in your desired colors and cut vinyl or stickers to use as stencils. Once you have boiled your eggs, stick on the vinyl letters with adhesive, or simply add on some stickers. Dye your eggs and once they have dried, peel away your vinyl or stickers to reveal stark white lettering against the dye you’ve added to your egg. These eggs look amazing on display.
For more information on this creative Easter egg craft, visit Lil’ Luna.
eggs dyed with tea
Tea-Dyed Eggs

Another more natural way to dye your Easter eggs is to use tea! This is also a very frugal option for your Easter eggs, as all you’ll need are some tea bags. You’ll need to boil your eggs, but boil them with the tea bags added in. This should take about ten minutes. Then let them rest for another ten minutes and start decorating! You can use paint pens or some other decorating materials to create designs on your eggs.
For more information on this creative Easter egg craft, visit Iron & Twine.

Credits: The Red Thread Blog, Better Homes & Gardens, Little Inspiration, Fabulessly Frugal, Lil' Luna, and Iron & Twine.



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