6 Tasty Meringue Recipes

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013

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If you’re looking for a tasty — and very pretty — dessert, then why not try making some meringues? For those who don’t know, meringues are a type of dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar. These desserts are light, sweet and airy and can be decorated or created in almost any way, as you’ll see in this post. Here are six different recipes for meringues that use some interesting techniques, taste great and look awesome!

Several chocolate meringues on a wooden kitchen surface
Chewy Chocolate Meringue

What makes everything taste better? Chocolate! These chewy, chocolate meringues might as well be scrumptious, moist cookies. Their crunchy outer shell conceals a gooey, chocolatey center and they’re really simple to make. Along with the customary meringue ingredients, you’ll need cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate and some optional cocoa nibs for a crunch and a nutty flavor to the meringues. This recipe was taken from Home Baked Comfort (Williams-Sonoma): Featuring Mouthwatering Recipes and Tales of the Sweet Life with Favorites from Bakers Across the Country by Kim Laidlaw and published by Weldon Owen.
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Several meringues, each colored orange and decorated like a jack-o-lantern
Pumpkin Meringues

Halloween is on its way and some pumpkin-flavored and pumpkin-shaped meringues would be the perfect unique treat for a Halloween party. Some pumpkin pie spice is the ingredient that adds the perfect flavoring to your meringues. Add a few drops of orange food coloring to give them that pumpkin color. After you’ve baked your meringues, and after they've cooled, simply use some edible pens to draw on a green stem, stripes and a jack-o'-lantern face.
For the complete meringue recipe, visit Best Friends for Frosting.
Three blue meringues, stacked on top of one another, and covered with sprinkles
Blue Confetti Meringues

These blue, sprinkle-covered meringues look like they’re about to burst and spread confetti all over the room at any moment! The coloring and some flavoring comes from adding three tablespoons of Jell-O and if you want them to be these exact blue confetti meringues, you’ll want to use blue raspberry Jell-O. The sprinkles are also optional, but they give that extra confetti pop!
For complete instructions on this meringue recipe, visit Good Clean Fun.
Several meringues, all white with slivers of almond in them, on a baking sheet
Toasty Almond Meringue

If you’re not into blue food and don’t care much about Halloween, then try out these meringues that have a rich, almond flavor. The almonds in this recipe help to balance out the sweetness that you normally find in meringues and which you might find a bit overpowering. Just add one and a half cups of sliced almonds and some vanilla extract to any normal meringue recipe. This recipe also comes from Home Baked Comfort (Williams-Sonoma): Featuring Mouthwatering Recipes and Tales of the Sweet Life with Favorites from Bakers Across the Country by Kim Laidlaw and published by Weldon Owen.
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Several orange and white striped meringues on a white cake platter
Creamsicle Meringues

Not only are these meringues absolutely gorgeous, they’re also a great way to grab some residual summer-ness as it fades away. These meringues are flavored to taste like Creamsicles! For this recipe, you’ll need to add some vanilla beans, freshly grated orange zest and orange gel-paste food coloring to get those stripes in the finished product. When you pipe out the meringue mixture from your pastry bag, they’ll be beautifully striped!
For the complete meringue recipe, visit Playin’ With My Food.
Five meringues in small cupcake liners, covered with colorful sprinkles
Meringue Sparkle Cookies

These meringues would be perfect for a party of any kind! They’re very simple to make, following the standard recipe for meringues. The difference comes in at the end when it’s time to decorate. When everything is finished and your meringues have cooled, simply dust them with some sparkling sugar crystals, colorful sprinkles or any other kind of decoration. Vary your colors and you’ll have a very pretty tray of meringues for party guests!
For more information on this meringue recipe, visit Intimate Weddings.

Credit: Best Friends for Frosting, Good Clean Fun, Playin' With My Food, and Intimate Weddings.

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