6 Ways to Upcycle Milk Jugs

Posted by on Sep 06, 2011

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Milk jugs can do more than store cereal's favorite accompaniment. They're easy to cut, a little sculptural and generously sized, which makes them a prime candidate for a little creative reuse.

Take this adorable Batman-inspired mask set made from milk jugs (and then painted). Bookmark this idea for Halloween (which is closer than you think). It's the perfect accessory for the little one who isn't so into princess costumes.
For the tutorial, visit FilthWizardry.

Milk jugs used as hanging wall garden
Anja Geelen
Milk Jug Garden

If your fence could use a little perking up, try this idea for creating a hanging wall garden. It's a pretty genius idea: Just cut the top quarter off of milk jugs to make a planter, slide the handles onto a strip of wood, then mount to the fence.
To see more, visit EyesOnNature.
Milk jug turned into a greenhouse planter
Milk Jug Planter

Fall might be right around the corner, but it's not too late to grow a few herbs. Simply place a seeding inside of this "greenhouse" — a milk jug with its top cut off. The plastic walls will insulate the seedling, spurring growth. (For a further boost, top the container with perforated plastic wrap.)

Milk jug made into a corsage
Milk Jug Corsage

Though this idea for upcycling milk jugs is a little on the whimsical side, we love the ingenuity behind it: Use the empty plastic milk jugs to create sculptural flowers. Just trace a flower shape around the top of the milk jug, then cut out the faux bloom. Next, add a plastic medicine bottle lid and some old nylon seam binding to create a corsage. Definitely a statement piece. 
Plastic flowers made into a chandelier
Milk Jug Chandelier

Another take on the plastic flower idea, but instead of using a single bloom in a corsage, the fleurs are strung together to create a chandelier. Lovely indoors or outdoors.
milk jugs made into lanterns
Milk Jug Outdoor Lights

Outdoor task lighting (around the walkway or on your front steps) gets a creative new look with these colored lanterns. And, as you can guess, they're made from milk jugs. Simply cut away the back with a craft knife, then place over the light. For extra color, spray paint the exterior.

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