7 Paper Christmas Ornaments to Try

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011

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Paper Christmas ornaments are a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your tree for the holidays, especially when cash is tight. They’re simple and fun to make, and these paper decorations will give your holiday that homemade flair. For these Christmas tree crafts, all you need is some colorful paper, a bit of glue and a whole lot of creativity. If you’re looking for a place to start with paper Christmas ornaments, check out these seven awesome ideas.

Sunburst shaped ornaments made from paper
Sunburst Ornaments
These paper Christmas ornaments are very simple to make, lending a classy look to any holiday tree. They almost resemble sunbursts rather than stars. The finished product is made of eight paper squares, folded together into the sunburst shape. 
For step by step instructions on these paper Christmas ornaments, visit home by linn.
Brown honeycomb ornament with white ribbon on top.
Honeycomb Ornament
This honeycomb ornament is a for advanced paper crafters, but the finished product is so elegant that it hardly looks homemade. For this Christmas tree craft, you’ll need a more lightweight paper, almost like tissue paper. Layers of the lightweight paper are cut into a pattern, laid together, and affixed with tacky tape. Then, all that’s left to do is unfold the layers and hang on your Christmas tree! 
For directions to make this paper Christmas ornament, see Splitcoast Stampers.
Small origami Christmas tree with green and brown paper.
Origami Christmas Tree
Here we have an adorable, origami Christmas tree craft. All you need are some small squares of green and brown paper, thread to hang the ornament on your tree and some beads and rhinestones for creative embellishment. This paper Christmas ornament is very simple to fold and fun to make with kids! 
For detailed instructions on this origami Christmas tree craft, visit Art Platter.
Christmas ornament in the shape of a pinecone made with white paper.
Pinecone Ornament
If you’re looking for decorations that are a bit more involved, try these pinecone paper Christmas ornaments. Start with a base of a styrofoam egg, found at a craft store. Then choose a patterned piece of paper and cut the sheet into 1" strips. Cut those strips into pieces and pin the paper in an overlapping pattern to the egg. When you’re finished, you’ll have an amazingly beautiful Christmas tree craft. 
For great instructions on this paper Christmas ornament, visit A Scrapmom’s Musings.
Star-shaped ornament with layers of paper and a button in the middle.
Layered Ornament
This is an adorable, layered Christmas tree craft to include in your annual decorations. Using glittery paper as the base, place curled cones of paper along the edge of this ornament, add a crimped sheet of paper in a different pattern and place a button in the center. 
For directions to make these cute-as-a-button paper Christmas ornaments, visit Late Night Stamper.
Paper ornament made from strips of paper circles inside one another.
Circle Ornaments
If you’re looking for something more simple and minimalist in style, check out these circle paper Christmas ornaments. All you need is some fun patterned paper, crafting supplies and a ribbon. Simply cut the paper into strips and start curling them in concentric circles. Choose whichever patterns of paper you like and cover your tree with these colorful spheres!
For instructions to make these Christmas tree crafts, visit funEZcrafts.
Star shaped ornament made from curled up paper.
Star Ornaments
These lovely star-shaped paper Christmas ornaments seem to combine the pointy nature of the sunburst ornament and the layered look of the button ornament. This version of the craft uses pages of old books to give the ornaments a neat, vintage look, but you can use any kind of patterned paper you like. Roll the paper into cones on your finger and paste them to a star cutout with the points toward the middle. You can also personalize these for friends or family with their initials. 
For directions to make these paper Christmas ornaments, visit That’s My Letter.

Credits: home by linn, Splitcoast Stampers, Art Platter, A Scrapmom's Musings, Late Night Stamper, funEZcrafts, and That's My Letter. 

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