8 Best No-Bake Recipes

Posted by on Aug 08, 2011

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When it's hot outside, the last thing you want to do is turn on your oven to get baking. But steering clear of the stove doesn't have to mean that you miss out on sumptuous homemade desserts. Instead, update your baking repertoire with these amazing no-bake recipes. Such as the classic banana cake. This recipe exists in a very sweet spot between cake and pie. Velvety and unquestionably moist, this retro confection comforts and cools.
For the no-bake recipe for banana cake, visit Wellsphere.

no-bake cookie cake
Cookie Cake

Think of this recipe as a giant cookie-spiked truffle. Though its appearance is closer to a nutrition bar, these chocolatey tiers will definitely please kids and grown-ups alike. A pretty coat of frosting could probably help its looks a bit, but this one is already too sweet for icing.
For the no-bake cookie cake recipe, visit Foodie Stuff.
no-bake blueberry cheesecake recipe
Blueberry Cheesecake

Who doesn't love cheesecake? Honestly, we think that a no-bake cheesecake tastes just as good than standard homemade versions and, even better, there's no risk of it cracking. Though nothing will compare to the version baked by our favorite bakery, a no-bake cheesecake is the easiest homemade route.
For the no-bake blueberry cheesecake recipe, visit Val Pam.
no-bake cookies-and-cream cake
Cookies-and-Cream Cake

A cookies-and-cream cake is probably the earliest of all the no-bake recipes, originating as an "icebox cake." Relying on chocolate wafers (or better yet, Oreos), this simple confection is bound with little more than heavy cream. And you can never go wrong when heavy cream is a prominent ingredient in a recipe.
For a foolproof cookies-and-cream icebox cake recipe, visit Man Eat Food.
vegan and gluten-free chocolate mousse no-bake cake
Chocolate Heaven

Bookmark this recipe for those occasions where you have vegans or gluten-free guests in your home. (Or both.) That's not saying this recipe isn't good, however: This produces a sinfully rich chocolate mousse cake that tastes even more decadent than typical versions, because it's denser. And dense chocolate cakes, in our experience, equal happy guests. 
For a starter vegan/gluten-free chocolate mousse cake recipe, visit Gluten-Free Goddess.
no-bake brandy balls recipe
Brandy Balls

The true test of whether or not you're a grown-up lies in whether or not you've developed a taste for these types of booze-spiked cookies. These confections tend to be on the darker, more bitter end of the dessert spectrum, so they're not for the faint of heart. Offshoots of this timeless dessert include bourbon and rum balls. Here's a word of advice if you make any of these: Let the finished product sit for at least a day. The flavor gets better if they age a little bit.
For a go-to recipe for brandy balls, visit Sifu Renka.
no-bake chocolate hazelnut cake
Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake

This recipe is also towards the more grown-up end of the dessert spectrum, using a similar ingredient list to the brandy balls (including brandy and dried fruit). However, there's also an amazing amount of chocolate, hazelnuts and of course, Nutella. Another welcome add-in would be a few crushed Rocher candies, don't you think?
For a no-bake chocolate-hazelnut cake recipe, visit Dolce Dente.
no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies
Chewy Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

We know, oatmeal ranks right up there with raisins in the "divisive dessert ingredients" category. But, in no-bake recipes, oatmeal (and yes, dried fruits) add much-appreciated chewiness. And, you often can't detect it amongst the other, more flavorful, ingredients. Like chocolate. This cookie is a pretty standard recipe that's great for beginners and reminds us a little bit of a moister Rice Krispie Treat.
For a no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookie recipe, visit Food Network.

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