8 Simple But Silly Halloween Costumes

Posted by on Sep 23, 2011

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Why do we love Halloween so much? One might — and I will — argue that it’s the simplicity of the night that bolsters the holiday so highly. Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas, which come with more trappings than an "Indiana Jones" movie, Halloween is about two things: candy and costumes. Even more, a simple stop at the store is all you need to receive the A+ Halloween award. For those wanting Halloween costumes with little effort but more individuality than the store can offer, we’ve collected a few simple Halloween costumes that smack of creativity and humor but use everyday household ingredients.

cow Halloween costume
Holy Cow

A T-shirt is transformed into a cow costume for a (very) last-minute costume. A few splotches of appliqued fabric and poofy pink udder complete the look. To pun-ify  this Halloween costume, add a halo, Bible and folded hands for a truly "holy" cow.
World Wide Wood share how to make a Halloween costume from scrap materials.
movie Halloween costume
Risque Business 

An oversized button down, dangerously high tube socks and dark, dark shades are all you need for this simple Halloween costume inspired by “Risky Business.” 
Get more last-minute Halloween costumes from TF Diaries, including the Carrie Bradshaw. To help you with Carrie, we’ve got a free tutu sewing pattern
laundry halloween costume
Basket Case

A laundry basket becomes a simple Halloween custom when paired with a clutter of clothes. Plus, the basket can also serve as a candy holder as you waddle around the neighborhood. Feel free to swap the basket for a trash bin or a recycling crate, instead.
Head to Canadian Free Stuff for the free Halloween costume how-to.
paper doll costume
Doll Face 

Paper dolls come to life as unique Halloween costumes. Use a dress hanging in your closet for inspiration and then trace the design on poster board, and be sure to include the ever-important fold tabs as well as a unique accessories like a handbag or even a paper hairdo. 
For the free Halloween costume how-to, check out Slapdash Mom
Up movie costume
On the Up and Up  

Balloons and a bowtie are the most striking elements of this "Up" costume. A PVC pipe walker and a gray cardigan also help the look. Don’t have those items on hand? Cardboard can be cut to look like any of these elements. 
Evan Sheline has more on this simple Halloween costume. 
stop light costume
Full Stop

This very last-minute Halloween costume uses cardboard to bring humor to traffic signs. Don’t stop at just traffic lights, though. Consider some of the quirkier road signs out there, including “Bump Ahead” for the expecting mother or “Slow Children” for the insider parent joke. 
Modern Dignity has more on this Halloween costume idea. 
teenage mutant ninja turtles costume
Group Date 

Looking for a Halloween costume so dated, it’s cool? These Mutant Ninja Turtles outfits tack a shell 6-pack to a green shirt and need only a jazzy bandana and 4 other friends to complete the look. 
Interested in this Halloween costume? The Bedazzled Life also shares how to make a simple Power Rangers outfit for 6. 

Image credits (from top): Courtney Wiche, Courtney Wiche, World Wide Wood, TF Diaries, Canadian Free Stuff, Slapdash Mom, Evan Sheline, Modern Dignity and The Bedazzled Life.

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