8 Valentine’s Day Cake Pop Recipes

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013

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Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops


Let these cake pop recipes sweeten your Valentine’s Day celebration with their cheery icings and lush fillings. Consider a traditional styling like the Valentine’s cake pop featured above from Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops, which uses a red candy coating, or go for something a little more unique like a popcorn cake pop for a special movie night with the girls, or even a mash-up cake pop that’s part cookie sandwich, part cake and a whole bunch of holiday goodness.

cake pop recipes
Live in the Present

This cake pop recipe from Bakerella features a Valentine’s Day present design with a square base and a candy hearts sprinkles bow. Finish the pop with a personalized gift tag, perhaps in the shape of a heart or tiny cupid, or customize each cake pop to make a surprise filling like a cake version of a chocolate box of candies.
Grab this free cake pop recipe from CraftFoxes.
cake pop recipes
Bread and Butter

For unique cake pop recipes, consider using condensed milk and shortbread. The classic butter cookie is crushed into a powder and condensed milk is added to form the balls. After a 15-minute chill in the freezer, decoration begins with red candy coating and chocolate sprinkles.
Bits of Sunshine shares this and other unique cake pop recipes.
cake pop recipes
Hostess with the Most-ess

Instead of making your own cake filling, consider using Little Debbie and Hostess snack cakes. Style the cake pops in a manner reminiscent of the original cake such as a Twinkies base with a yellow candy coating or a mini cupcake shape for the Little Debbie chocolate cupcake.
Learn more about this and other unique cake pop recipes via The Baking Robot.
cake pop recipes
A Love Match

For a more formal cake, consider this wedding-inspired cake pop. Choose colors reminiscent of your own wedding, as a tiny reminder of that special day, or go with traditional Valentine’s hues. A fluffy vanilla cake serves as the cake filling while a tiny white rose offers the pop.
For this free cake pop recipe, head to CraftFoxes.
cake pop recipes
Love Cookie

A cookie sandwich becomes a cake pop when a lollipop stick is added. A cookie is stamped with phrases using traditional paper and ink stamps, frosted with cake mixture, and then baked. Icing and sprinkles seal the edges for a cookie candy cake pop.
For this and other free cake pop recipes, head to Bakingdom.
cake pop recipes
Movie Night

For a casual Valentine’s night, consider these popcorn cake pops as you and your lovey snuggle into the sofa to watch your favorite movie. A classic popcorn movie container serves as the holder for these sweets while halved marshmallows imitate the popped corn.
CraftFoxes offers this free cake pop recipe.
cake pop recipes
Cream of the Crop

This cheesecake-flavored cake pop recipe uses cheesecake-flavored oil and coffee cream to enhance the traditional filling. A food processor shreds the enhanced baked cake into an even crumb, and then cheesecake coffee creamer is added to the mix to further add flavor, a technique borrowed from CANDIQUIK.
For more on this unique cake pop recipe, head to SugarKissed.
cake pop recipes
Cookie Crumbles

Cookie dough instead of a cake mix makes up this unique cake pop recipe. An eggless batter of oatmeal and melted butter create this recipe while the cookie pop is rolled and decorated in the standard melted candy coating like other cake pop recipes.
For the complete cake pop recipe, head to Niner Bakes.

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