9 Great Ways to Recycle, Refashion and Reuse Tins, Magazines, Boxes and More

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012

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Tea tin with succulent plant.
Reuse Tin as Planter

Whether you have a Campbell soup can or a beautiful tea tin, drill holes in the bottom for drainage and fill them with soil and succulents. These simple creations would work beautifully as centerpieces for a wedding or something to brighten up your workspace.
Here's more photos at apartmenttherapy.com.
hand-made mouse house in Altoids case.
Refashion Tin Box as Toy

This adorable and sweet mini mouse house will fit perfectly in your child's pocket on the way to school. A great repurpose for an Altoids mint tin.
The pattern is available for $8 from MmmCrafts.blogspot.com.
cardboard star made from cereal boxes
Repurpose Box as Star Decoration

Rather than recycling your cereal boxes, repurpose them as mantelpiece stars. All you need are scissors, a hot glue gun and some spray paint.
You can find the full how-to at GreyLustergirl.blogspot.com.
T-shirt repurposed into grocery bag.
Refashion Tee as Bag

Is it a grocery bag, laundry bag, beach bag, or worn-out tee? It's all of those. Take your favorite or not-so-favorite T-shirt and transform it into something you can use every day. 
Here's the detailed how-to at DeliaCreates.blogspot.com.
diaper boxes transformed into decorative storage boxes
Reuse Box as Storage Container

Tough boxes, such as diaper boxes, can be turned into pretty, canvas-lined storage containers. You can decorate them in different colors and patterns for each room of the house.
Here are the directions at PositivelySplendid.com.
reused paper repurposed as wrapping paper and bow.
Recycle Magazine Page as Bow

After you wrap your gift with newspaper, adorn it with an eco-friendly bow. Cut a magazine page into strips, then arrange, tape and staple together. It's simple and quirky. 
You can find the easy how-to at HowAboutOrange.blogspot.com.
lightbulb vases with flowers
Refashion Light Bulb as Vase

Turn burnt-out light bulbs into flower vases and place them around your house, in the backyard for your neighborhood cookout, or at a wedding. 
The how-to can be found at Free People's blog.
mason jars and other jars spray painted with matte paint
Reuse Jar as Decoration

Spray a Mason jar or tin can with matte paint and suddenly it's a classy cotton-ball jar for your bathroom. Use a hot glue gun to write simple phrases beforehand, and you've got some classy embossing. 
Read about the process at PureAndNoble.blogspot.com.
glass jars and bottles repurposed as vases and terrariums
More Reuses for Jars and Bottles

Empty jars and bottles can also be turned into candle holders, centerpieces, garden decorations, vases and terrariums.
Here's a link to ten ideas at AcultivatedNest.com

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