A $180 Vintage Valentine's Card and 9 other Unforgettable Romantic Gifts

Posted by on Jan 26, 2020

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Choosing a Valentine’s gift can be fraught with peril. Giving an overwhelming token of affection is desperate and awkward. (Apparently someone buys those 200-piece heart-shaped candy boxes.) But a skimpy present is probably worse. (That “Coupon for a free hug” only works so many times.) 

Because we also like to shop on Etsy, here’s a roundup of cool handmade and vintage gifts we found on the handmade marketplace. Not all of these are DIY, but they're all very memorable.

1. Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame
Need to commemorate your timeless romance with something that lasts longer than a selfie click? Reclaimed wood shows your love will stand the test of time. It’s beautiful, sturdy and a lot more stylish than the frame you’ll pick up at the pharmacy at midnight. Designs, layouts and prices range from $20 to $70 dollars.
gold-covered strawberries
2.  Gold Covered Strawberries 
For those who appreciate a glitzy gift there are gold-covered strawberries with a metallic sheen. Is it a bit too much? Probably, but it’s still guaranteed to get an eye-popping reaction. Plus, if anyone rolls their eyes at gold-covered strawberries, you just laugh about it, eat the treats and forget 'em.
Moissanite Engagement Ring Etsy
3. Moissanite Engagement Ring
If you're ready to make that life-changing big romantic statement then consider an engagement ring that's stylish but won't set you back several paychecks. Moissanite to the rescue.
hand-painted denim jacket for sale
4. Personalized Denim Jacket
For those who scoff at romantic gestures, but still secretly love them there are hand-painted denim jackets. A bit cheesy, but still plenty fun. Works great for fun weddings, bridal parties at Applebees and couples who take coupledom more seriously than they let on.
1920s Valentine Card
5. 1920s Valentine Card 
Sure, it may just look like just another quaint Valentine’s card, but when you tell the recipient that you spent $180 on it, he or she or they will either be incredibly impressed or think you’re nuts. Guaranteed to make an impression.
3-D Paris Pop-up Card
6. 3-D Paris Pop-up Card 
For couples who are always dreaming of a romantic getaway in the city of lights, a 3-D pop-up Paris card has plenty of charm that can serve as a decoration long after the big day. Plus, at $18, it might seem pricey for a card, but it’s a lot cheaper than a $180 vintage card.
personalized handwriting bracelet
7. Handwriting Bracelet 
If you have a special piece of writing from your significant other that you want to memorialize in gold or silver, you can do so with this handwriting bracelet. This bracelet could also make a great mother’s day gift.
chunky turquoise necklace
8. Turquoise Necklace
Not every guy or gal can rock a chunky turquoise necklace. But if you’re dating someone who can (and would), this is a pretty sweet choice.
Massage Wax Candle
9. Massage Wax Candle 
Suggesting a sensual massage with hot wax can be awkward. The Massage Wax Candle allows you to broach the topic with the suggestion to “just use it as a candle” if the massage idea goes over with a thud.
chocolate personalized letter
10. Say it in Chocolate 
A few romantic words are nice, but a romantic message in chocolate will always be appreciated.

Keeping it real: The gift choices in this article were chosen by the editorial team. The also include affiliate links.

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