Simple but Surprising Chalky Finish Paint Projects

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015

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Whether you're looking to upcycle an old piece or give something boring a complete makeover, you'd be surprised what a little paint can do, especially Americana Decor Chalky Finish paints. These DecoArt paints produce a matte finish and come in 29 vintage colors that can be intermixed. The possibilities with Chalky Finish are endless, so we'll give you a bit of direction on where to start. These unexpected projects will not only surprise you but will leave you filled with chalky joy.

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Chalky Finish Chess Board and Pieces
Be it tabletop ping pong or checkers, game tables are nothing new, but what if you could refinish a game table with a whole new, fresh look? This Chalky Finish chess table looks quite quirky and inviting, encouraging you to learn how to play if you don't know how. Although designer game tables already exist, this project is a still-chic-but-cheaper option.

Chalky Finish Barn Wood Monogram
Show off your initials proudly with a Chalky Finish wood monogram letter. You can either buy a ready-made wooden letter or make one yourself with scrap word pieces. The truly-fun part starts when you get to play around with what colors to paint your letter. Go patriotic, pastel, or antique. Whatever your style, this project can match it.

Chalky Finish Utensil Terra Cotta Pots
Have an upcoming party that you're stressing over? Want your decorations to look seamless and fun without having to fuss? These Chalky Finish utensil Terra Cotta pots fit the bill perfectly without breaking the bank. These lovely little pots display both your craftiness and your utensils. We'll give this one a u-TEN-sil.

Chalky Finish Cushion Makeover
Did you ever think about painting your cushions to make them the color you want? If you have or haven't, know that it is possible. This Chalky Finish cushion makeover takes a couple of green cushions from drab to blue-gray fab. Mix the paints to your desired color, and paint away.

Chalky Finish Mason Jar Vases
Have some mason jars lying around? Then, turn them into chalky masterpieces. These mason jar vases not only live up to the vintage appeal of the Chalky Finish paints but satisfy your craving for DIY fall decor, as well. After painting on "fall," you'll fall head over heels for your new rustic vases.

Chalky Finish Wood Bead Garland
Add a little bit of charm to any room with Chalky Finish wood bead garland. Paint the beads in your favorite chalky colors and string them onto twine in the pattern you choose. It's very simple but very lovely. This DIY decor would also be a wonderful gift for someone who wants a subtle hint of whimsy in their life.

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