Anatomy of a Successful Craft Booth

Posted by on Oct 04, 2011

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Fall craft fair season is upon us — and if you've booked a booth, then you definitely want to know how you can stand out in the crowd. Other than, uh, just offering "Twilight"-themed jewelry. And here you have it: A case study of the craft booth of superstar crafters KittyBabyLove. We've teased out the 7 moves that made their booth a success and are totally easy to borrow.

  1. Clear signage. We sometimes see signs on craft booths that clearly were made with minimal effort (think Sharpie marker on stapled sheets of printer paper). But a sign provides a snapshot of what you have to offer, your level of professionalism and your style. Make it clear.
  2. Neat organization. A custom-made display isn't crucial, but you should have your wares neatly organized and not in haphazard piles. Another visually appealing strategy is to organize by color (a must for KittyBabyLove, because they mainly offer custom crayons).
  3. Upfront pricing. Tags are great, signs are better. Why? Because then potential customers can't play the "Oh I didn't see the tag, I didn't know it cost that much" card.  The mini chalkboards here are genius.
  4. Group loose items. Baskets are your friend. Keep smaller items towards the back of the table (but elevated, so customers can see them) to avoid the chance that someone will grab and go.
  5. Offer greeting cards. Many customers are making purchases for gifts, so offering a lovely greeting card makes their shopping easier and adds a little extra to a sale. Not so handy with paper crafting and printing? Find a friend who is.
  6. Create a sampling area. Great for those who deal in body lotions and scrubs, candles, art supplies, food, etc. And if your wares aren't easy to sample, try putting out crayons and paper. You'll attract kids ... and their parents!
  7. A nice welcome. Who doesn't want to buy something from a friendly person? A simple greeting puts customers in a happier mood.
What tips have worked for you? Tell us in the comments! And if you feel less like selling and more like shopping, be sure to check out this week's craft fair listings.

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