Best Ideas for Building a Backyard BBQ

Posted by on Aug 04, 2018

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As soon as summer rolls around, the urge to grill strikes us with full force and we begin daydreaming of cookouts and backyard barbecues — that is, until reality hits. Not all of us can fire up a shiny Weber or 5-broiler Napoleon grill. Luckily, each of these DIY grills and unique fire pits will help make that backyard BBQ possible without burning up your extra funds.

DIY Hanging Grill, DIY Charcoal Grill, DIY Backyard BBQ Grill
Hanging Barbecue Grill
Pick up a spare wheel from your local auto shop to whip together this creative DIY hanging charcoal grill! Sluggish chefs be warned: with the coals positioned so close to the grate, food can quickly go from rare to well-done.

Altoids Tin Grill, DIY Altoids Grill, DIY Altoids Projects, DIY Mini Grill, Mini Camping Grill DIY
Altoids Tin Mini Grill
If you need to cook a single hot dog or, say, a few baby corn, this mini grill made from an Altoids tin may be just the thing for you. While less functional than other homemade BBQ grills, we can't ignore this project's cuteness factor. Besides, sometimes you just want one scallop, right?

DIY Fire Pit, DIY BBQ Grill, DIY Backyard BBQ Ideas
Pots 'n' Pans Fire Pit
Do some of these projects appear too easy? Are you ready for more of a challenge? Try creating a DIY Greco Roman-inspired bbq fire pit like this blogger did. Reusing broken household dishes and antique vases, this fire pit looks completely unique.

DIY Rocket Stove, Efficient Grill, DIY Backyard BBQ
Steel Can Rocket Stove
Want an inexpensive and efficient grilling alternative? Enter the DIY Rocket Stove. It cooks food using a high-temperature combustion chamber. Translation: less smoke in the eyes and more delicious barbecue capabilities. And the most impressive part? It runs on twigs, which means your grilling skills will impress even your vegan friends. 

For a variation on this DIY project, check out this homemade 5-gallon bucket rocket stove.

DIY Flower Pot Grill, DIY Flower Pot Smoker, DIY BBQ Ideas
Flower Pot Grill
This DIY Flower Pot Smoker, as with many other inventions, was born out of desperation: people kept stealing this crafter's lightweight, mini porch grill. By contrast, this considerably heavier flower pot grill ain't going anywhere. Plus, this blogger gets bonus points for envisioning a DIY alternative that uses an ice cream maker's motor to construct a rotisserie grill. Genius.

DIY Fire Pit, DIY Backyard BBQ, Homemade Fire Pit
Stone Fire Pit
Store-bought fire pits can cost thousands, so this enterprising crafter decided to make one herself. Two hours and $233 later, this stunning DIY stone fire pit was born. Add a metal grate to the top, and it's cookout-ready.

DIY Brick Fire Pit
Brick Fire Pit Grill
Not all stone pit grills need to be perfectly shaped and expertly outfitted. This no-nonsense DIY Brick Fire Pit Grill suits DIY'ers who want the look of a stone fire pit without all the hard labor. Pro-tip from this clever crafter: scatter fragrant herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme on your fire pit's burning embers to scent your surroundings and even season your food!

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