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Posted by on Nov 25, 2013

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This week we feature Cheryl Kuczek, a blogger and designer who makes her own sewing patterns. Over at Paradiso Designs, you can see some of Cheryl’s handiwork. She has a whole collection of pleather designs out this year, and offers classes and tutorials for making items based on her patterns. At the blog that accompanies Cheryl’s pattern website, she talks about the various sewing shows she attends and the sewing classes that she teaches. We asked Cheryl a few questions and here’s what she had to say!
Can you tell us a little bit about your blog and when you started it?
I started it in 2008, but it has really been a very slow start. I recently decided to pump up the volume to reach my audience of sewists, and give them something that will benefit them in their sewing, especially when they are using my patterns. I am completely guilty of designing and publishing a great pattern, then of course after the publishing thing, I find new things I can do with the pattern. So I am finding the blog is going to be the best place to chat up the benefits of what I am doing to whoever is using my patterns, and of course so much more!

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever made?
I designed a hobo bag that is going to be in a future issue of Sew Stylish. The bag is made out of recycled denim strips that I assembled in a herringbone pattern with raw seam allowances exposed and each denim strip has a vintage trim sewn on it. I also used old coins with holes and lace to create a corseted look on each side of the bag. I was ecstatic at how it came out!  Very hobo chic; I am such a hippie at heart and I love  it!

What is your favorite type of thing to sew?
I have favorite things for a moment because ultimately I love to sew all sorts of things. Sometimes my favorite thing is a bag, and other times my favorite thing is a lace frock or a rad T-shirt. I am always designing and sewing at the same time, and it is never the same thing over and over, or I would get really bored. 

Where do you find inspiration for your sewing patterns?
I find inspiration in the weirdest places. I keep my eye out on a ton of blogs. I love to go poke around at different stores and flea markets and just see what is there. Sometimes I am inspired by fabric and envision it made into a certain something because it is so beautiful. I dream of the yardage of Missoni knits that Britex in San Francisco has for sale... I drool over that fabric.

When I'm not crafting, I can be found...
Loving on my 7-month old lab puppy Jackx! She loves to sit on the stairs leading down to the Sewing Lounge.

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