Campfire Recipes for Morning, Noon and Night

Posted by on Jun 04, 2013

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Beyond s’mores, campfire recipes can be as varied and spirited as anything made in front of a stove or microwave, and as a cook that has spent many a summer burning away the hair from my arms, I love the smokiness and char that comes exclusively from a campfire. From breakfast to dinner and dessert, these campfire recipes will inspire even the timid cook to add a little backyard pioneer to their summer meal repertoire.

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campfire breakfast sausage recipe
In the Line of Fire

Starting with a British breakfast, this toad in the hole recipe gets a campfire makeover when made in a cast iron skillet. Sausage and pancake batter are combined for a one-pot meal that also makes for easy clean-up. Customize this dish by adding fruit instead of meat or a thinner biscuit batter for the pancakes.
Chow offers more on this campfire recipe.
campfire breakfast recipe
Fire in the Belly

Another breakfast campfire recipe, hash browns get a dash of health when tomatoes and spinach are placed on top and wilted. Add sausage and goat cheese or fried eggs for a more filling mouthful.
Dirty Gourmet shares this free campfire recipe.
campfire hot dog recipe
Fire Away

Hot dogs get a new twist, quite literally, thanks to refrigerated bread dough wrapped around the campfire meat, which adds a crunchy, toasted breading. Invite kids to make unique shapes before they roast the dinner over an open fire.
Rhodes Bread shares how to make this campfire recipe.
campfire quesadillas recipe
Come Under Fire

Foil makes an easy-to-please quesadillas campfire recipe. Have kids or guests choose the fillings for their sandwiches and then have them wrap the sandwich in foil. Place the packet directly in the coals and allow the fillings to melt and meld.
Dirty Gourmet shares this and other free campfire recipes.
campfire calzone recipe
No Smoke Without Fire

Pizza, a kid-friendly favorite, becomes campfire-friendly when folded over and made into a calzone. (Don't let anyone tell you calzones are irrelevant, Ben Wyatt.) Fillings can be customized, much like the quesadillas campfire recipe. Consider keeping the pizza silhouette and cooking the dough in the skillet for a crispy crust.
Camping Blogger shares how she makes this kid-friendly campfire recipe.


easy sandwich campfire recipe
Out of the Frying Pan

Peppers blackened over a campfire and then added to gourmet sausage and thick artisan bread (also roasted over a fire) make for a hearty lunch or dinner. Choose turkey cheese and cranberry chutney with a smoked mozzarella or perhaps a toasted pita with blackened pepper and hummus for a little variety.
Eating Richly shares more about this campfire recipe for a sausage sandwich.
campfire soup recipe
Ball of Fire

For those cooking out but caught under a rainstorm, this simple soup recipe is both filling and comforting. Veggies and broth simmer in a Dutch oven and, once cooked, are topped by a thick dumpling batter, which will be boiled by the broth. Add any fresh-caught fish or wood char for extra flavor.
Dirty Gourmet shares how to make this campfire recipe.
campfire potatoes recipes
Fire Away

Foil packet potatoes are a long-favorite of many a camp out. This recipe uses a flavored butter to add a modern kick to this campfire recipe, but you can add your own flair, too. Consider a sprig of rosemary or sage for flavor or thin slices of fajita meat or canned tuna, for a little more protein.
Go to Cupcakes and Kale Chips for this campfire recipe.
campfire tart tatin recipe
Draw Fire

A medium-heat fire caramelizes the tomatoes and other veggies in this tart tatin campfire recipe. A pie crust stands in for the traditional puff pastry topping. Use real sherry or even a woodsy vermouth for the called-for sherry vinegar.
Make your own tomato tart tatin campfire recipe, thanks to Fake Food Free’s insider tips.
campfire tart recipe
Irons in the Fire

Campfire tarts have almost as many variations as there are ways to build a fire. This recipe subs refrigerated biscuit dough for the more traditional sandwich bread of campfire pie. The dough is then wrapped around a bought campfire tart maker, held over the fire by a long metal spike and roasted. Once done, pie filling (canned or homemade) fills the baked tart dough. Fashion your own tart maker using a metal shot glass and a long branch or dowel.
Head to I Wash, You Dry for this free campfire recipe.
campfire candy cones recipes
Fire Back

A sweeter campfire recipe: cones filled from a buffet of treasured snacks and wrapped in foil to make a kid-friendly recipe. The packets are laid directly on glowing coals while a grate can hold a skillet or Dutch oven, filled with a simmering dinner.
Taste for Adventure shares this free campfire recipe.
campfire eclair recipe
Fired Up

Refrigerated bread dough—a common ingredient for campfire recipes—is wrapped around a broomstick or other diameter-thick pole and roasted. Once cooked, the dough is removed and filled with whipped cream. Consider adding jam, Nutella or peanut butter and mini-marshmallows for a quick customization.
Playing House shares this easy campfire recipe.

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