Challenge Yourself for World Baking Day

Posted by on May 10, 2013

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Step out of your comfort food zone with World Baking Day on Sunday, May 19th. Hundreds of bakers from around the world share recipes meant to challenge the home baker to amp up her cake game while also connecting with others who love a little fluff in their stuff. World Baking Day's official website will direct participants to first designate their baking level; the site will then suggest a donated recipe. For example, those that “bake now and then” are recommended recipes like tiny coconut-carrot muffins while those that might describe themselves as "I bake therefore I am" will be sent recipes like the Cake Boss’s Cream Puff Cake, which demands at least 30 ingredients and over 60 steps. Winners who complete the World Baking Day invitation can download a celebratory badge to host on their blogs and show off to friends and readers.
Head to the official website of World Baking Day to get your recipe.

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