Christmas in July: Paper Crafts

Posted by on Jul 13, 2013

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The kids are out of school and you’ve been going to the beach, but somewhere in the background you’re thinking about Christmas. Don’t deny it! Everyone, at one time or another, has gotten "Jingle Bells" stuck in their head when it’s 90 degrees outside. If you’re yearning for snowmen and carols, here are six Christmas-themed paper crafts that will help you imagine those snowy evenings and brightly lit houses. Check them out!

Santa Tags

This first craft is a simple one that can help you prepare for gifts under your tree months in advance. You’ll need some red paper, some white paper and some peach paper to make these adorable little Santa gift tags. Use the red paper to make a hat for your Santa. Add a scalloped edge for the hat’s fluff and a circle on top. Use the peach paper for your Santa’s face, and then give him a beard. All that’s left is to poke a small hole in the top of the hat and thread some twine through it for tying on presents.
For full directions to make this Christmas paper craft, visit Hofkissed.
Gift Card Holder

Here is another great way to prep for all the gifts you’ll be handing out in five months. Gift cards are a great gift to give, but it’s nice to dress them up in some way. These homemade gift card holders are very customizable and fun to make. You’ll need cardstock, patterned paper, stickers and other crafting supplies. Choose any kind of patterned paper you’d like to make these gift card holders creative for the holiday. The link below gives you an easy, step-by-step tutorial to make these gift card holders.
To learn how to make this Christmas paper craft, visit Tip Junkie.
Folded Tree

Although any parties you might plan are months away, here is a paper craft that can be a cute centerpiece on your holiday table. You’ll need some cardstock or patterned paper and a tool for scalloping the edges of the paper. Create a circle with a scalloped edge all around, then fold the circle in half. Start folding until your finished product is a Christmas tree shape with folds that create the illusion of branches. It’s a good idea to use a cardstock that has a patterned side and a plain side so that both show up when you fold the paper.
For full directions for creating this Christmas paper craft, visit Cards and a Cuppa.
Santa Sanitizers

How do you stay healthy and festive at the same time? Well, this Christmas paper craft dresses up a drab bottle of hand sanitizer with a Santa flair. All you need is some red, black and white paper, and a little glitter. Fold and layer the paper around your sanitizer bottle to make it look like Santa’s suit. It’s a cute way to make your germ-free desk a little more Christmas-y!
To learn how to make this Christmas paper craft, visit Thoughts That Stick.
Paper Snowman

Here’s another great idea for a centerpiece at your party, or for a simple decoration on your kitchen counter or front table. This craft calls for snowflake-patterned paper or a snowflake stencil and a variety of other cardstock. You’ll need a small circle, a medium circle and four large circles for the snowman’s bottom. Be sure to trim the four large circles so that they have a flat bottom, which will allow the snowman to stand on a table.
For full directions for this Christmas paper craft, visit Crafts Unleashed.
Christmas Door Card

Interesting and creative Christmas cards can be difficult to find at your local drugstore. If you’re looking for something with a homemade touch that won’t look like the other cards your family is getting this year, check out this Christmas door card. You’ll need two sheets of white cardstock, a piece of mirri card for the doorknob, and a paper trimmer. Another great detail to add is the wreath on the door, which you can make from yarn and ribbon.
To learn how to make the Christmas door card, visit The Pinkshop Blog.

Credits: Hofkissed, Tip Junkie, Cards and a Cuppa, Thoughts That Stick, Crafts Unleashed, and The Pinkshop Blog.

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