Paint Your Nails to Match Your Holiday Spirit

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015

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Nail art is all the rage these days, so why not decorate your nails for the holiday season? Even if you’re not an experienced nail artist, you can still create some pretty gorgeous and festive designs on your fingers. And, if you’ve never tried nail art before, this might be the perfect time to start. Here are six easy nail art designs that you can use for the holiday season.

Gift box nail art
Gift Box Nails

Of course, presents are synonymous with the holiday season. Not only are these nails adorable, but they’re also really easy to create. You’ll need a base color to start with, then a color for the gift boxes and a color for the ribbons. Don’t forget a top coat to seal in the design! For the full instructions on this design, visit Syl and Sam.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer nail art
Rudolph Nails

These Christmas nails feature everyone’s favorite reindeer - Rudolph! You’ll need to choose a neutral base color, and then some brown nail polish to create Rudolph’s face. Add in some red for his characteristically shiny nose, and you’re done! For the full instructions on this design, visit Nuthin’ But a Nail Thing.

Candy cane French tips
Candy Cane Tips

Here’s a playful holiday twist on the classic French tip manicure. Instead of a plain white tip, this design calls for a candy cane! These nails would be perfect for a holiday party, especially with the festive glitter polish. For the full instructions on this design, visit The Crafty Ninja.

Holly leaves nail art
Katy Parsons
Holly Leaves Design

These Christmas nails focus on some festive foliage. This design is also simple and elegant, try out these more low-key nails so if you’re not in the partying mood. Don’t be worried about attempting this holly design -- the original blog post includes an easy-to-follow procedure for getting them just right. For the full instructions, visit Divine Caroline.

Christmas tree nail art
Classic Christmas Tree

This wouldn’t be a holiday nail art post if we didn't include a Christmas tree design! This one is shiny and festive, and would be perfect for a holiday party. To easily create the slanting sides of the tree, you’ll need to apply some tape stripes to your nail. For the full instructions, visit Nailside.

Snowflake nail art
Sammy Tremlin
Snowflake Nails

The holiday season typically includes a bit of snowfall. To reflect the snowy season, or if your wishful snowy dreams, try out this snowflake design. For this one, you can alternate between simple silver nails and blue nails with the snowflake design. For the full instructions, visit Divine Caroline.

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