Wall Decor Stickers as an Alternative to a Christmas Tree

Posted by on Dec 04, 2015

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Sometimes, 2D can be better than 3D for the right person or living space. If your home lacks space or you prefer hassle-free decorations, wall decals may be perfect for you. They look as festive and fun as your other holiday decorations without taking up much space at all. Just peel and stick one of these trees up for a no-fuss but totally-fantastic holiday.

Chrsitmas Tree Wall Decal Kit
Etsy Shop Chromantics
Sticking up a Christmas tree decal doesn't mean sacrificing the tradition of  decorating your tree. This Christmas tree decal kit from Etsy shop Chromantics features a large tree with nine branches, doves, hearts, assorted ornaments, polka dots, and a star. In true DIY fashion, you can do as much, or as little, as you want to this tree.

mini pine tree vinyl sticker
Instead of having one Christmas tree, you can fill your walls with several mini pine trees with this pack of stickers from WallsNeedLove, available in the CraftFoxes shop!
Snowflake Christmas Tree Wall Decal
Fancy Shop Stickalz
Since no two snowflakes are alike, this snowflake Christmas tree wall decal from Fancy shop Stickalz is definitely unique. Standing at 35-inches tall, this decal is a snowy stunner. With color options such as burgundy and silver metallic, you can choose the tree that best fits your style and needs.

Swirls Christmas Tree Wall Decal
Etsy Shop potandkettlestudios
For a minimalistic but divine decal, try this swirls Christmas tree decal from Etsy shop potandkettlestudios. This decal features so many swirly limbs and twirly branches you'll be seeing circles all holiday season long. If you're looking for something that's not only graphic but quirky, purchase this tree in teal, bubble gum, or persimmon.

Chalkboard Christmas Tree Wall Decal
Etsy Shop TheLovelyWall
If a decal kit isn't your style, then why not get chalky with this chalkboard Christmas tree decal from Etsy shop TheLovelyWall? Draw your own ornaments onto the tree, or decorate with hand-drawn "lights." Not only does this tree speak to your crafty side but comes with two pieces of chalk, as well.

Realistic-Looking Christmas Tree Wall Decal
If you're looking for something lifelike, then look no further than this tree wall decal from Fathead. With true-to-life colors and an almost three-dimensional quality, this decal could fool someone from afar. Also, its six-and-a-half-feet height adds another realistic touch to the mix.

Fireplace Wall Decal
Etsy Shop BestStickersTshirts
Speaking of lifelike, maybe trees aren't your style. Do you prefer to relax around a fireplace during the holidays? If you do, then this fireplace wall decal from Etsy shop BestStickersTshirts is perfect for you. This vinyl decal creates the look and the feeling of sitting around the fireplace with your loved ones.

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