Colorful Duct Tape Crafts

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015

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With so many beautifully patterned and colorful duct tapes available now, the possibilities for crafting with them are endless. Get creative with your favorite color or pattern by adding some flair to your wardrobe or creating unique pieces of home décor. Let your imagination run wild with these ideas and jump into the wonderful world of duct-tape crafting!

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Duct Tape Watch Wristband
A great fix for a broken band or a fun take on an old one, duct tape is a smart, cost-effective and creative way to revamp a watch wristband. This easy and fast watch band craft requires Velcro, hot glue and duct tape, of course. Now go refashion your favorite watch!

Minnie and Mickey Duct Tape Gift Card Holders
Disney Family
Perfect for young and old, these adorable House-of-Mouse-inspired gift card holders are a fast and creative way to give in style. Spruce up basic black with red, pink, and polka-dot tape and tiny white buttons. This craft is great for families to do together and easy enough for the kids to participate and still have fun.
Duct Tape Laptop Sleeve
Cute laptop cases can be very expensive. Why not make your own with duct tape in pretty and eye-catching colors? Using mailing envelopes, this craft is both original and cheap compared to buying a mass-produced laptop sleeve. Take your laptop to-go in style with your own handmade duct-tape sleeve.
Neon Duct Tape Feather Earrings
Brit + Co.
A popular, fun and fashionable craft, these duct-tape feather earrings can add a fresh, bohemian vibe to any outfit. Don your favorite colors and patterns or layer different feathers for a cool, textured look. These earrings mimic the look of a feather, but bring some DIY originality to your wardrobe.

Duct Tape Rosette Wreath
Rosettes are classic and pretty additions to any home and can be created with colored duct tape. Done here in red, the rosettes can be created with different colors or even patterns to add a fun twist on this DIY duct-tape wreath. All this tutorial calls for is cardboard or foam, hot glue, the tape of your choice, and a little patience and crafty flair.

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Duct Tape Beads
With some duct tape and straws, you can make your own unique, colorful beads to do with as you please. The idea is simple but genius: curl angled pieces of duct tape around a straw. Repeat this step, and you will have a bunch of beads for bracelets and necklaces before you know it.

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