Duct Tape Crafts — Wallets, Bracelets, Flowers and More!

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014

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You can make just about anything with duct tape. Clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories ... not to mention all the cool things you can just cover with all the fun colors and patterns that are available now. Here are a few extra-cool duct tape tutorials that we think you'll love!

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duct tape rolled beads, duct tape projects
Save those straws! These duct tape beads are super fun and easy to make — string them all together to make this cool beaded necklace.   

duct tape wallet, duct tape projects
Every kid needs a special lunch money holder like this!

duct tape bracelet, gaffer tape, kids crafts
Duct tape and gaffer tape pair together perfectly to make this stylish bracelet.

duct tape flowers, make flip flops, duct tape projects
Dressing up a pair of flip-flops with duct tape flowers is such a great idea!

duct tape lunch bag, duct tape projects, duct tape purse, duct tape crafts
Weaving strips of duct tape into a checkerboard pattern makes a bold foundation for creating a cute duct tape lunch bag.

duct tape flower, duct tape projects, duct tape crafts
This sweet little blue flower would look lovely on a headband, a bracelet, or a pretty gift-wrapped package.

duct tape bracelet, duct tape crafts, duct tape projects, duct tape jewelry
Duct Tape Crazy | Instructables.com
Combine your favorite colors to make this modern-looking woven duct tape bracelet.

duct tape coin purse, duct tape wallet, duct tape crafts
This little duct tape coin purse is perfect for those evenings out when you don't want to carry your regular bag. It makes a cute holder for giving a gift card, too.


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