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Posted by on May 14, 2012

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[Updated 5/24/2012] - Congratulations to Deborah D. from Mitcham, Victoria, Australia for winning this contest! 


Kiwi Crates are super-fun creativity boxes for children. Once you subscribe to their services, you will receive a new box at your doorstep each month, filled with supplies and project instructions designed to let your child have fun with their imagination. 

Until Monday, May 21st, comment on this blog post or 'Like' our page on Facebook to win a cool "Wind Power" Kiwi Crate. This kit comes with two projects: "My Wind Car" and "Be a Wind Detective."

The "My Wind Car" project includes wheels, straws, dough, rods and more to make a cool car that is powered by your breath. In the "Be a Wind Detective" project, you will receive fabric, ribbon, a Beaufort scale and more to create a wind sock that will help you discover which way the wind is blowing. You can see photos of this craft kit in action at The Pioneer Woman.

To enter, just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!


If you cannot see the Rafflecopter widget in your browser, you may comment on the blog post for a chance to win.

- Answer the following question as a comment below: "What household item does your child like to play with the most?" Is it the pots and pans, or the toilet paper roll? Let us know!

'Like' our page on Facebook, then leave a comment on this blog post telling us that you did.

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  • by kaspirant
    User profile

    a piece of string or ribbon

  • by lighthouselady
    User profile

    Forgot to mention "like Craftfoxes on FB

  • by lighthouselady
    User profile

    My kids played with rocks, sticks, cardboard boxes and rolls.

  • by burningprairie
    User profile

    I have "liked" you on Facebook! Kiwi Crate looks fun!

  • by jennxlynch
    User profile

    Pots and pans win every time over here with toilet paper rolls a close second.

  • by sandym204
    User profile

    My granddaughters love anything to do with water.

  • by aprile.mazey
    User profile

    My daughter loves to play with my fabric tape. Liked your page on facebook.

  • by alyceche
    User profile

    We have a drum set at home and the drum sticks don't do it for him, but the chop sticks somehow makes the best sound. For her, the colanders make the best looking hats.

  • by whizkidcat
    User profile

    I'm always looking for things to do with grandkids!! Love all these great ideas!

  • by ahancock1
    User profile

    My 4 year old loves sponges and water in a plastic bowl!

  • by kcarignan14
    User profile

    My girls love to play with big empty boxes and crawl in them.

  • by theoutbackcrafter
    User profile

    she is creative with old boxes of all types...making everything from robots too farms her imagination is endless

  • by cometgirl63
    User profile

    my 3 yr old loves measuring tapes. He loves to carry the little measuring tape from my sewing basket around, which tend to perplex non-parents.

  • by abbeyf
    User profile

    My son is in love with banging pots and pans!

  • by drainl
    User profile

    Non toy, they like the vacuum. Otherwise blocks are always a hit!

  • by jshen37
    User profile

    I Like CraftFoxes on Facebook

  • by jshen37
    User profile

    My kids seem to like dried beans and old yogurt cups the best

  • by jemrah
    User profile

    She can be very creative with empty shoe boxes, Kleenex boxes, cereal boxes - any kind of empty box can become a masterpiece :)

  • by kathrynnpolfer
    User profile

    my granddaughter loves to use the blankets and sheets to make a fort

  • by nsue21702
    User profile

    My 4 yr old has a fascination with a retractable tape measure. Goes everywhere with him.

  • by crazymonkey240
    User profile

    My son loves pots and pans as drums :)

  • by bluefroggie99
    User profile

    My daughter's favorite toy is her doll!

  • by mdla82
    User profile

    My son loves taking the cushions off the couch and using them as trampolines.

  • by katieupnorth
    User profile

    She loves to play with the measuring spoons. She's always "cooking" something.