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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012

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Sewing is a valuable skill that provides a lifetime of enjoyment. Any child could benefit from being introduced to this awesome skill. Teach a child in your life the basics of sewing with "Sewing School: 21 Projects Kids Will Love to Make," published by Storey.

Written by Andria Lisle and Amie Plumley, this resource teaches kids how to create awesome items like a pot holder, pillow or wallet all by themselves. Each project has been kid-tested and requires no sewing machine. The book also comes with cut-out patterns associated with each project.

Until Monday, July 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (EST), you can enter to win a copy of the fun book. To enter, please answer the following question as a comment below: "How old were you when you first began crafting?"

After entering, check out our interview with Andria and Amie, where they provide a number of excellent tips and techniques for teachings kids how to sew. Good luck!

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  • by usairdoll
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    Boy, I think I've been crafting since I can remember. My Mom is very talented and very crafty and passed that gene on to me. I remember making cards, weaving, popsicle stick art etc. all at a very young age. Now my crafts and hobbies take longer to finish and are more expensive but I still enjoy crafting and the giving handmade gifts. My children are adults now but I have a grandson that I want to teach. Looks like a super book to get him started with.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win. I'm new here and can't wait to have more of a look around.


  • by sweet diesel designs
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    sweet diesel designs

    I was 10 when I started crafting and I started with my daughter at 3...shes 6 now and loves it! Warms my heart :)

  • by my inner betty
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    my inner betty

    I was about 5 when I started crafting. My mom & grandmas are/were very talented ladies - there was always some kind of project going on.

    I'd love to be able to use this book with my girls. My 7 year old just sewed her very own pillow recently!

  • by ktannepie
    User profile

    I would say at about age 8... sitting next to my Mom while sewing and her letting me have a go at the machine! At age 12 I had a business making hair scrunchies with my best friend!

  • by hueisei
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    I think is around 12. Im making a friendship band for my best friends :)

  • by bbbmonce
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    I've been crafting for as long as I can remember... I've come a long way since macaroni pictures though ;)

  • by tb0969
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    If you count coloring pictures to proudly display, then age 4. I started sewing around age 9.

  • by cindywiens54
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    I'm not sure how old. However, I know I first learned to sew by making clothes for my Barbie doll, which I got when I was about 6.

  • by themoth
    User profile

    I began crafting at kindergarten, for Mother's Day presents! I sometimes see what I made then at my parents' house, which makes me flush with shame... But they were made with love, I guess that's what matters!

  • by cnuland
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    I can't remember. I remember doing embroidery and cross-stitch around the age of 8, but I'm guessing my mother and I did crafts before then.

  • by craftymamad
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    I've been crafting for as long as I can remember. As young as 3 or 4.

  • by terreadow
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    I was 5 when I started crafting. My first sewing project was putting yarn thru holes of cardstock.

  • by thecraftingfiend
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    I have been crafting as long as I have memories for.

  • by jljsherrod
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    Such a great giveaway, thanks! I remember being about 4 years old and being taught how to do needlework and candlewicking stitches, and then being on planes and buses with my little hoop of fabric, thread, a needle, and keeping myself busy for great amounts of time with my sewing!

  • by hopefulthreads
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    I think this is a fabulous book and would be delighted to use it with my children! Thanks for the giveaway and wonderful interview,lots of fun sewing opportunities for summer!

    I remember crafting at a very young age, probably even pre-school. I'm blessed to have lots of creative people in my family. :)

  • by jarmanka
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    To be honest, I don´t really remember. My grandfather was a cartoon maker and my greatgrandfather a teacher, so they started with me when I was maybe 2?

  • by mhairia77
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    Does finger painting count - if so under two. If by crafting you mean sewing etc then I was between six and eight.
    My children are both under 5 and they have already done lots of sewing and craft with me, although my daughter calls it all knitting!