Cool Crafts that Repurpose Jewelry

Posted by on Mar 24, 2023

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Pexels / Miriam Alonso


Perhaps you have a box of old costume jewelry you don’t know what to do with, or relatively new jewelry you love, yet aren’t wearing. Several fun craft projects incorporate broaches, necklaces, earring, bracelets and other jewels into new contexts. Once you start making them, you’ll reconsider the possibilities for those bejeweled pieces sitting in the back of your drawer. Picture frames, napkin rings, bookmarks and numerous other things can be given a little shimmer with pearls, sapphires, emeralds and other gems. 

While this probably goes without saying, don’t get real gems and jewelry covered in glue and other craft materials unless you’re okay with their value decreasing. If you want to buy to new jewelry to make this project, you can consider affordable Moissanite jewelry from to add some sparkle.

Here are numerous ideas to inspire you to make craft projects with jewelry.

Framed Jewelry Collage

To make this framed jewelry art collage, start by prying apart a picture frame you’re willing to re-use and remove the current contents. Take batting (or pillow stuffing) and hot glue it to the glass. Cover the batting with a strong piece of material that you’ll glue to the edges of the glass to create a stuffed "canvas."

Curate your jewelry pieces and arrange them into an image. Perhaps some of the pieces resemble leaves and petals you can turn into a bouquet of flowers. Maybe there’s a face or more abstract image to be found. Earrings and pins are great for this type of arrangement. One you’re happy with the look of the collage, hot glue the pieces to the backing canvas and add the frame.

Jeweled Christmas Tree

This take on the framed jewelry collage turns the old jewelry into Christmas tree. The pearls become popcorn on a string. Earrings are ornaments.

Mixed Media Art

Using jewelry in mixed media can be a great way to make sections of the canvas really pop. Contrasting glittering gems with earthy tones, either painted or material, will create a memorable combination of texture and images. 

In the above video, Crafty Dirt combines wood slats, gauze, paint and flowered pieces of jewelry to develop naturalist landscape

Painted Jewelry in Mixed Media Assemblage

In this take on mixed media, the pieces of jewelry are painted to create a distinct texture to the art. 

Bedazzled Picture Frame

Find a wood frame with a thick edge that you're willing to repurpose. A wide frame gives you more space to work since it becomes the "canvas" in this project. Pick pieces that accentuate the image and/or the frame. No need to fill in the entire space. In this project, less can be more and make a few well-placed places pieces turn into a stylish statement.

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