Trash to Treasure — Upcycled Jewelry for Teens

Posted by on Dec 24, 2019

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Hey teens, you can make fabulous fashionista jewelry from junk! Upcycling is a hot trend right now — it's economical, eco-conscious and eco-cool. Don't add more garbage to our landfills ... upcycle old stuff into something new to wear instead.

upcycled Soda Can Earrings
Strange Ducks

Soda Can Heart Pendant

Soda cans are a great recycled material because they're made from aluminum, which is flexible and shapeable. Be careful not to cut yourself though, the edges can be sharp! Check out these cool techniques for inking, embossing and die-cutting soda cans to make pretty earrings, necklaces and so much more.

Decoupage Charm Necklace

Decoupage Charm Necklace 

Create a memorable, fashionable gift with upcycled paper from an old dictionary, textbook or paperback. Link multiple charms together to make meaningful phrases. Have fun making and swapping these charms with your friends!

Upcycled Jewelry, Bags, Belts and More
Linda Peterson

Upcycled Jewelry, Bags, Belts & More

Ever wonder how to make a necklace from old bicycle parts, or a belt with the tabs from your soda cans? Check out Linda Peterson’s new book, "Upcycled Jewelry, Bags, Belts and More" and visit her blog for many other great DIY jewelry ideas.

DIY Rustic Spoon Pendant

Vintage Spoon Pendant

Bargain-hunting at flea markets is really fun, and upcycling your awesome finds into trendy jewelry is even more fun! Learn how to turn an old spoon into a distressed vintage pendant with your favorite scraps of paper and antiquing techniques.

pink faux leather cuff bracelet

Faux Leather Cuff

This stylish cuff bracelet is a perfectly pink way to show your support for breast cancer awareness with your own personal message. In this how-to video, you'll learn techniques for making those scraps of craft foam look like leather.

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