Cool Projects to Knit and Crochet with Mixology Yarn

Posted by on Oct 17, 2015

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Looking to put your knitting or crochet skills to good use? Even if you want to craft practically, your projects don't have to lose their cool factor. From a textured cowl to a crochet wall hanging, we have knitting and crochet projects that are both useful and unique. The fun can lie in even the smallest of details, such as in the yarn you choose. For cool, modern yarn, check out Red Heart's Mixology line of 6-gauge yarn that features stunning solids, snazzy swirls, and perfect patterns. And, while you're at it, stop by The Craftys to look at the Crochet and Knitting categories sponsored by Red Heart.

Tasseled Triangular Shawl
Red Heart

Want to look effortless but warm up during a breezy day? Red Heart's Tasseled Triangular Shawl looks especially cool with the combination of Mixology yarn and tasseled edges. This cozy layer would look perfect over a sun dress or a with a pair of riding boots. Now, get knitting to mimic the bohemian ease of this shawl.

Throws are a convenient conversation piece to have around. No matter if you feel chilly or need to add a personal touch to a plain sofa, throws can do no wrong. This Retro Knit Throw from Red Yarn especially achieves the right mix of comfort and personality. With a cool combination of colors and the ability to keep you toasty, this throw is both decorative and useful.

Crochet Envelope

If you can go with the unique over the traditional, then why not go with what's unlike anything else? This crochet envelope fits the bill. Instead of hand-delivering your holiday cards in generic envelopes, go for this crochet version that adds a touch of crafty. Use the vibrant Mixology yarns for a finished product with an undeniably-cool finish.

Being a nontraditional form of knitting, arm knitting marries the technique of regular knitting with the convenience of the arm as the loom. For a project that not only epitomizes cool but utilizes arm knitting, this arm knit infinity scarf from the YouTube channel Leila Ramos' World requires only 30 minutes of your time. Even better yet is that this scarf would look super chic in one of the Mixology yarns.

Moonlit Crochet Wall Hanging
Red Heart

We need art in our lives to inspire us and fuel our creative juices, but did you ever think that art serves a practical purpose? Be it hiding an oil stain or crack in the wall, wall art can work wonders for your apartment or home. Red Heart's Moonlit Crochet Wall Hanging is modern, textured, and neutral, adding dimension and style to any room.

6 Gauge Knit Cowl with Buttons
Kalurah Hudson

This knit cowl with buttons from Craftsy pattern store While They Play is super cute and cozy. Featuring three buttons and a scalloped edge, this cowl would look really ravishing in a Mixology yarn. Not feeling like a knit cowl? Try the crochet version  of this cowl for a lighter, slightly-different look.

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