Coolest DIY Projects for a Game Day Watch Party

Posted by on Apr 24, 2024

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The game day watch party is about two things: Eating food you shouldn’t eat and showing off your amazing spread, filled with the latest gadgets you bought and cool projects you made. Oh yeah, it’s also about watching the game. 

Below are projects you can build to spruce up your man cave or make your living room the neighborhood destination for game viewing. Some of these ideas will take expert skills or the budget to hire contractors, but the payoff in slam dunk kudos is worth it.

Basketball Parquet Floor

When it comes to impressive sporting decor, it often makes sense to start at the bottom. With some wood, paint and shellac, you can make your floor look like one of the most famous basketball courts in the coutnry. Of course not everyone has the knowhow or patience to install parquet flooring. You can create the floor by gluing down individual slats in a pattern or wood tiles that already have the pattern created. The second approach is definitely easier. 

Once the floor is complete (and before it's shellacked), add a few stripes to create an impressive home court with plenty of bragging rights for dedication. In the above Wood Flooring video, you can see that a parquet floor requires the right tools, smart measuring and dogged patience while laying the tiles.

Make a Football Field Rug

Your living room, basement or walkway can look like a mini football field with a little artificial grass, white paint, stencils and tape. Unlike a parquet floor, this project is a relatively cheap and easy project. If you’re making an area rug, chances are most of the materials won’t cost you more than 75 bucks. Plus if you make a mistake, you can use it for one day, get some laughs and put in the artificial grass around the dog house. 

Perhaps the most important step in designing your rug is adjusting and measuring the distance between the line markers so they appear to similar to a football field that delineates the area in 10-yard increments. Anyone who’s ever painted with stencils knows the next challenges comes with properly taping down the numbers and painting inside the lines. Once dry, you have floor decor that is not only speaks to fandom, but also holds up well over the years.

Stadium Seating

If you already have a massive flatscreen TV and still want to level up your viewing area for game day, stadium seating may be the next logical project. Don’t worry, you won’t need to build reclining chairs. Actually, you’ll need to buy those. This flex is going to cost you at least four figures, maybe five. The DIY part comes when you build your own risers for the chairs. That part requires a little woodworking, wiring and carpeting. When it’s done, you can say you built your stadium seating area yourself.

If your sports day includes wagering, you can also kick back in those recliners and check out the betting bonuses from sportsbooks. It always helps to be relaxed and clearheaded when you put any money on the line.

Mini Hockey Rink

The instructions for building a hockey rink and accompanying locker room in your basement could probably fill a book. maybe two. Yet there’s no questioning the dedication and focus of Chicago Black Hawks fan. If you want to follow suit, we trust you’ll figure out how you can build one on your own. We want to share this video for inspiration.

Golf Simulator Screen

On game day, your guests may want to do more than just mill about waiting for the game to start. How about building your own professional golf simulator? Not only will need ample space, but also, plywood, foam tiles, astroturf, a projection TV unit and the appropriate software. The host of Handicap Golf showed how he made one (including renting a dedicated space to house it) for $12,500 dollars. If you’re like most rational beings and rolling your eyes at that price tag, fear not, he also built a decent home unit for $1,000, so not all hope is lost.

Mini Jumbotron

If you have the budget for four flatscreen TVs and furniture building experience, you can make your own mini Jumbotron to hang from the ceiling. Yes, this will require coming up with your own plans, cutting plexiglass, wiring lights and plenty of planning to hang the four-TV unit. But once complete, you will have a piece of decor that makes jaws drop. Still want a Mini Jumbotron, but don’t want to build it yourself? An Arizona company manufactures Mini Jumbotrons with custom graphics that celebrate your fave team. The cost runs between $1,500 and $5,500, depending on the size. 

Is a Mini Jumbotron completely over the top and unnecessary? Absolutely! But if you want to win game day, you have to put your head down, focus on the goal and commit.

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