The Best DIY Game Room Decor (VIDEO)

Posted by on Apr 09, 2022

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A gaming room is much more than your standard man cave or finished basement. It’s a portal to digital worlds where interstellar travel is possible and brigades are built with the flick of a button. So it may seem strange for a DIY site to write about how to make your video game room more amazing. Yet there are a lot of cool handmade items that make that portal a little cozier and more impressive.

Below are some of the most interesting we’ve found. 

If you don’t have time to build your own cabinet or bed, you can make an easy customization by buying a customized play mat. Check out the options from

LED Wall Decor

If you want to feel like you walked onto the deck of the Starship Enterprise every time you open the door to your game room, build wall decor out of foam, acoustic tiles and LED lights. While power tools are used in the video to create the foam shapes, the project can also be completed with a good cutting knife, screwdriver and elbow grease. The project requires some light soldering, so check the video before you get your heart set on on doing it.

First, you cover your accent wall or wall section with insulation foam. Then slice hexagons (or whatever your preferred shape is) out of acoustic felt panels. After you decide on a groovy geometric layout (you probably want to plan this step on paper at your desk), cut the foam to match your preferred outline and mount it one the wall. 

The choice of LED strips should be made carefully, particularly if you want specific colors or would like to be able to control the lights with a remote. Line the exterior and cutout areas of the design with the LED strips. Layer on more accent pieces (also wise to plan these out on paper). You can line the back of these accent shapes with more LED strips. With carefully planned out tongue and groove connections, you can attach pieces with a little glue or tape. Done right, the finished look is impressively sleek.

Nintendo Switch Cabinet

If you ever played Nintendo Switch in front of a TV you may have noticed that the screens have similar dimensions. With some woodworking knowhow, you can turn your TV into a giant Switch, or at least make it look like it is.

The controller sections (built out of wood or MDF) on the TV frame serve as storage cabinets. The first step you’ll need to do is measure your TV and then your Switch and scale up the parts so they’ll look the right size. You will likely need to have power tools to make the project look professional, particularly for the curve cuts to create the rounded corners of the controllers. Plus you’ll need to cut out the buttons for details. 

In the video, Chris goes into a lot of detail about the construction. Don’t have the skills to make the Switch? You can buy one on Etsy for $150. Actually, several sellers make these, but most of them are most expensive than one and a half bills. By the way, in a separate video, Chris made a wood cover for his Playstation.

The Retro Game Room

Some game rooms you can convincingly say are made for the kids. The Retro Game Room is definitely made for dad. In this proejct, the accent wall is one giant Pac-Man maze and much of the work is done in the measuring, followed by painting in the details. Fabien uses a stencil to ensure those power pellets are the same size. Of course this idea can be adapted to plenty of other games — Tetris, Donkey Kong, Pong. You can also learn more about his process on Instructables.

Mario Kart Theme Room

For the Mario Kart themed room you’ll need to have quite a few crafting skills: painting, sewing, woodworking. Mario’s go cart was built out of styrofoam, epoxy, Bondo and LED lights. On his Instructables page, Wes explains how he scaled up the images of Mario’s world and sculpted its hero out of clay.

Tetris Shelves

Many cabinet makers have built Tetris-shaped shelves over the years. On Etsy, you can even buy designs for a couple of bucks to laser print them. Great Home Ideas demonstrates how you can create a Tetris shelving design by modifying an IKEA bookcase or similar square based setup. These shelves don’t follow the shapes as closely as custom built bookcases, but if you’re not a woodworker, or don’t want to invest the time, you can make a fun shelf with a little bit of paint and lighting.

Ultimate Gaming Bed

A couple of years ago, Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhutte combined several pieces into a bed with a desk for gamers who wanted the ultimate chill pod. The unit has cup holders for drinks, snack shelves, headphone holders and more — basically, everything you need to veg out play for hours. Linus Tech Tips set out to make their own gaming destination by modifying IKEA furniture. They combined a bed with end tables, surround sound speakers and computer chip pillows (not from the Swedish superstore). Toward they end of the video, the host demonstrates how to make ramen in a coffee maker (which is both interesting and a little gross).

Amazing Gaming Rooms

Still haven't found inspiration for your perfect game room? This roundup shows off some of the most upscale ones ever. One is a $20,000 Skyrim-themed basement with a waterfall bathroom and medieval weapons. Youtuber Ninja's game room has a full bar and black lights. Get stoked!

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