Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Couples Costumes

Posted by on Oct 06, 2014

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Sometimes, two is better than one. So, celebrate this saying at Halloween by going as a fun, unconventional or classic duo. Perfect for couples, best friends and the like, here are some DIY Halloween costumes with a two-for-one spin. These projects are simple and cost effective and will lead you to having more crafty fun than picking out a store-bought costume. Happy Halloween, crafters and DIYers!

Bacon & Eggs homemade halloween Costume
Meg Allan Cole
Perfect for breakfast lovers, conjure up an appetite for this delectable couples costume. The two-minute DIY tutorial shows you a recipe for Halloween perfection.

Pac Man homemade halloween costume
'Tis the season for fun and dress-up. Channel your childhood and your favorite arcade game by being  Pacman and his Miss for Halloween, and cut up some of that cardboard you used to build playhouses with.

Tom Hanks Castaway homemade halloween Costume
Go as pop culture icons for Halloween: Tom Hanks and Wilson from the 2000 film Cast Away. This inseparable pair is fun to DIY and easy to emulate with some acrylic paint, loose fabric and fake grass.

Salt & Pepper homemade halloween Costume
Nothing goes together better than salt and pepper. Go as this classic duo for Halloween with this simple but fun costume idea with a DIY twist on the shaker tops.

Flintstones homemade halloween costume
Who doesn't love comedy, prehistoric times and a dinosaur-dog named Dino? Add some yabba-dabba do into your relationship with this Fred and Wilma Flinstone costume comprised of felt and Styrofoam balls.

Popeye & Olive Oyl homemade halloween Costume
Eat that spinach and don those sailor arms with this DIY Popeye and Olive Oyl costume. This costume calls for really basic pieces and a few stitch-on and manipulable materials. Plus, there's instructions for a Swee' Pea costume for your little one.

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