Awesome DIY Halloween Masks for the Whole Family

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014

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Amidst the aisles of haphazardly-manufactured, provocative costume kits, it can prove rather difficult find the perfect handmade Halloween costume that won't immediately price you out. We've assembled this roundup of simple, cheap and creative DIY Halloween masks in the hope that it will convince you to put that sexy bank teller costume back on the shelf... and slowly walk away with no one the wiser.

Hot Glue Fire Mask

Not only can this fiery Halloween mask withstand some serious wear and tear, but it's made of incredibly basic materials: hot glue, nail polish and small rhinestones. Note that this DIY project involves layering hot glue on a face mold. If you forego this step, well, a blistered face can be its own sort of frightening Halloween mask.

DIY Halloween mask, Yarn beard, Homemade halloween costume
DIY Yarn Beard
Everyone deserves to to able to dress up as Abe Lincoln or Paul Bunyan, regardless of his or her ability to grow facial hair ... and this is where a nice, wooly yarn beard comes in.

DIY Superhero mask, Homemade superhero costume, DIY Halloween mask
Felted Superhero Eye Mask
A superhero is nothing without the iconic eye mask that somehow manages to disguise his or her real identity. The great thing about this DIY Halloween eye mask is that, just like that one versatile pair of black heels you own, it can be used to create many other looks (and crime-fighting alter-egos).

DIY Halloween mask, DIY Halloween costume, Crochet crafts, Crochet costume, Crochet mask
Crocheted Mummy Mask
Break out the yarn and hook to make this spooky mummy mask by Tara Murray. With a little TP (or maybe a lot!), you'll be mummified ready for Hallow's Eve.

Halloween make up, Fox make up, DIY animal costumes
DIY Fox Makeup
Are you a novice with paper mache, but a whiz with a contour? Try recreating this full face of fox makeup for Halloween this year! This blogger's detailed tutorial walks through the layering and shading, but we love that she took her DIY costume a step further with the hair.

Nightmare Before Christmas costume, DIY Halloween mask, DIY Nightmare Before Christmas mask, Paper mache mask
DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Masks
These fun and frightening masks of Lock, Shock and Barrel from The Night Before Christmas are great as a group costume for a trio of Halloween go-ers. Working with paper mache can be tricky though, so plan to have a tester mask with which to experiment.

DIY T-Rex mask, Homemade halloween costume, Dinosaur costume, DIY dinosaur mask, DIY Halloween mask
Paper Mache T-Rex Mask
This ingenious DIY T-Rex mask is built on top of a construction hard hat and uses cardboard for its internal structure, which means it's built to withstand even the wildest Halloween party (or the clumsiest partier).

Dia de los Muertos make up, DIY Halloween mask, DIY Dia de los Muertos mask
DIY Dia de los Muertos Makeup
Still looking for costume ideas on October 30? We've got you covered. This DIY Dia de los Muertos mask is an easy way to create an impressive Halloween mask on the cheap. Face paint, as used in this blogger's tutorial, will suffice, but your pores will thank you later if you use non-comedogenic makeup. 

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