Craft Bits — 876 Vintage Typewriters, New Vintage Mecca, The $1,000 Sewing Machine

Posted by on Nov 11, 2011

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If you've ever wondered where to find 876 vintage typewriters, the best-priced vintage clothing and a review of a $1,000 sewing machine, you've come to the right place. In this week's Craft Bits, we have all of those things and then some. But first, let's talk typewriters.

The Milwaukee Public Museum currently has over 876 vintage typewriters hidden in storage. (The museum itself has around 4.5 million objects in their collection overall.) They're not quite sure what to do with them, but we have a few ideas ourselves. Of course, if they'd maybe like to part with them.

For the full story, visit On Milwaukee.

Best place to find vintage, Melbourne Australia
Angela Wylie
The Best Vintage Spot On Earth?

It might just be in Melbourne, Australia. Turns out the city is a hotspot of all things vintage, and apparently cute shopowners. Best of all: vintage clothing is considerably cheaper there than in New York or Paris. But does the airfare make it worth the trip? 
For the scoop on where to go in Melbourne, visit the Sydney Morning-Herald.
husqvarna viking sewing machine buying review
Husqvarna Viking
Is A Pricey Sewing Machine Worth It?

It retails for over a thousand dollars, but some sewers swear by the Husqvarna Viking machine. The main benefit, as we see it, is that you never have to backstitch to end a seam. Nice, but a small annoyance that doesn't seem to compensate for the pricetag. Not that we'd ever turn it down as a gift...
For more about the Husqvarna Viking, visit the LA Times.
inside UK newsreader Joanna Gosling
Clara Molden
One Sweet Sewing Room

She may not be a household name outside the UK, but we got a kick out of seeing television newsreader Joanna Gosling's sewing room. Love the sawhorse table, an idea we're totally stealing. We also love the location: in the attic, far away (sorta) from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Kind of like a grown-up hideaway.
Take a closer look at Joanna Gosling's sewing room in the Telegraph.
craft bits news item on quick bread recipes
File This Away: Sweet Quick Breads

When it comes to holiday baking, there's no better recipe than one for quick breads. Especially if you've, um, forgotten a few people on your list until the day before a gathering. Or if the only thing you know about someone is that they like to eat. Which is most people. 
For some great quick bread recipes, visit St. Or, try a gluten-free version at Elana's Pantry

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