Craft Bits — A Knitting Vacay, Gardening Apps, $150,000 Quilt

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012

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Elizabeth Poisson


With Tax Day on Monday and Friday the 13th today, we choose to distract ourselves with knitting retreats on the high-seas, the latest iPhone apps for your garden and a basketball-inspired quilt, priced at $150,000. No buyers yet.

knitting vacation aboard a sailing ship
Learn to Knit and Sail at the Same Time 

Are mash-up vacations a rising trend? If so, sailing company J. & E. Riggin is on the cutting edge. The Maine vacation company hosts knitting retreats aboard its 120-foot schooner. Classes start at about $600 and host 24 new and experienced knitters for up to 6 days. Word is still out if crocheters are allowed to come along, too.
Head to the Huffington Post for more on the unique high-seas knitting vacation.
gardening iPhone application
App Happy 

This time of year, gardening dreams start popping up like sunny daffodills, and what better way to plan your summer garden than with your BFF, the iPhone? From plotting the garden to deciding which veggies to grow, the New York Times has the ten best gardening apps for iOS and Android phones. 
Head to the New York Times for the best gardening apps, prices included.
diy pixie sticks
The Modern Bake Sale 

Busy moms, rejoice! From homemade whoopie pies (or gobs for those from western PA) to DIY pixie sticks and gluten-free fudge cookies, NPR has found quick and surprisingly trendy goodies for your next bake sale. 
For the free bake sale recipes, head to NPR
sport-inspired quilt
What would you buy for $150,000? 

For the price of a house, you could buy this Kentucky Wildcats basketball quilt, complete with every coach and players' name from the program's beginning in 1903 embroidered on it. But $150,000, really? Quilt designer Darleene Wimsett believes that after working on the quilt for 18 years, she deserves to see a little moolah. 
Do you agree? Read more about this $150,000 basketball quilt at ESPN
Free Food 

Thanks to D.C's city-wide Emancipation Day, this year's tax deadline falls on April 16th. A bevy of fast food joints will offer commiseration coupons in honor of the "holiday." Maggie Moo's, for example, will give away a scoop of frozen yogurt, which we'll flavor with Seattle's Best free Tax Day coffee and a drizzling of curly fries from Arby's, free if you cry loud enough. 
For more Tax Day food freebies, go to ABC News.

Image credits (from top): Elizabeth Poisson, Elizabeth Poisson, The New York Times Company, Rina Rapuano, Darleene Wimsett and Arby's

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