Huddle Up: Super Bowl Snacks and Crafts

Posted by on Feb 01, 2020

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Whether you're planning to crochet a football hat or spend some time in the kitchen, get ready for Super Bowl Sunday with some of our favorite football crafts and snacks that are sure to please a crowd.

Crochet Football Hat and Other Super Bowl Ideas from CraftFoxes
Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Football Hat

For hands like lightning, this hat might be done in time for the big game, but if not, it's perfect for next year. We love that it's not divisive, in that it doesn't choose a team to cheer for. No matter who wins the Superbowl, it's always the right colors!

Check out the video tutorial.

Easy Football Onesie and Other Super Bowl Ideas from CraftFoxes
Easy Football Onesie

When babies are born, many of them are about the size of a football, so I'd use caution when dressing a precious little one in this onesie. It's very tempting to yell, "Go long!" Consider supervising amped-up football fans so that the baby isn't at risk of being spiked. The adorable little one in this spirited onesie is, however, at risk for being photographed and ogled at a lot.
For more info on the Easy Football Onesie visit here.

Rice Krispies and Other Super Bowl Party Ideas from CraftFoxes
Norman Kolpas
Football Rice Krispie Treats

For another take on the game-day Rice Krispie treat, there's these lovely and delicious chocolate nutty footballs. Another simple recipe, these footballs touch down on the table in less than a half hour.

For the full recipe, visit the tutorial.

Chocolate Cover Strawberry Footballs and Other Super Bowl Craft and Snack Ideas from CraftFoxes
Candquik Chocolate Strawberry Footballs

These chocolate-strawberry footballs are perfect. They are delicious and fairly healthy. This easy finger food is simply touchdown-terrific. Bad football puns aside, the description is short because no more needs to be said.

Visit the tutorial for the recipe.

Team Popcorn and Other SuperBowl Ideas from CraftFoxes
Team Popcorn

While this one is not on our site, it's too good not to share. Flavored with Kool Aid and enhanced with food coloring, this awesome treat lights up the Super Bowl snack spread like nothing we've ever seen before. Use blue and orange Kool Aid mix for the Broncos and blue for the Panthers blue.

Visit Our Best Bites for the recipes.

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