10 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Posted by on May 24, 2016

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There’s a huge new trend that expecting parents are using for their baby showers. Instead of the regular ol' baby shower games and decorations, they’re having gender reveal parties! If the parents are learning the gender of their baby, that can be a fun bit of information to reveal to friends and family members. Throwing a baby shower can be a big task since there are so many ideas out there. Choosing a gender reveal theme for your shower can narrow your focus and there are so many great ideas for gender reveal out there. If you’re looking for ways to reveal the gender of your baby, try out these ten unique ideas!

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Blue and green paper lanterns for a gender reveal party
Surprise Lantern

This surprise pinata lantern is a fun way to reveal the gender of your baby. You need some small paper lanterns filled with either pink or blue confetti — whichever is appropriate. These are simple to make and it would be a great moment at your baby shower when you pop those lanterns and colored confetti rains over your guests!
For more directions on this idea for gender reveal, visit Oh Happy Day.
A card with the words "expecting a little," and a tab to pull to reveal the baby
Announcement Card

These fun reveal cards are a great way to tell your friends and family what you’re having before the party even begins. These could be your invitations and then everyone will have a heads-up on what kind of gifts to buy. You can create a cute little arrow placed through a slit in the card that, when pulled, shows whether you’re having a girl or boy. So cute!
For full directions and printables for this idea for gender reveal, visit Candi Mandi.
Ombre blue layer cake for gender reveal party
Gender Reveal Cake

One of the biggest ideas for gender reveal is to have a cake with the appropriately colored inner filling. This glamorous, 6-layer cake is a classy way to feed your guests and also let them know what you’re having. Simply make your layers either blue or pink with food coloring and, for a fun effect, you can vary the shades of coloring throughout the layers. Once you've served one piece, everyone will know!
For more photos of this gender reveal cake, visit Amanda Cupcake. Check out CraftFoxes' ombre cake recipe, too!
Jars filled with pink and blue gumballs for gender reveal party
Gumball Guesses

Before you reveal the gender of your baby, it might be fun to have your party guests take a stab at what they think the gender might be. Simply fill some jars with pink and blue gumballs and, when your guests arrive, have them choose one. Then, when you’re ready to reveal, you and your husband can pick up the gumballs with the correct color!

A plastic container with pink buttons that have little stick figure women on them
Team Buttons

Here’s another great way for guests to cast their vote on the pink or blue side. Make up an equal number of pink and blue buttons, with images of either a girl or boy on them, in the style of those bathroom door stick figures. As guests arrive, they can choose one or the other and wear them on their shirts, to show what vote they cast.
Check out the Team Pink/Team Blue buttons on Super Moments.


Hershey bars with "he" highlighted with blue marker and "she" highlighted with pink marker
“She” or “He”
These modified Hershey bars are a great prize idea for all those gender reveal party games you’ll be playing. But they can also be a game in and of themselves. To make these, simply use pink and blue markers to accentuate the word “he” and the word “she” in the brand name. Leave them out for your guests and let them choose!
Check out these “he” or “she” chocolate bars on Repeat Crafter Me.
A decorated frame for gender reveal party
Gender Reveal Frame

Here’s a gender reveal party idea for the more crafty among you. If you want to let the news out right away and put it on display for your guests, this is a great way to do that. You’ll need some fun scrapbook paper and other crafting supplies. Put it all together and the color will let your guests know if you’re expecting a little boy or a little girl.
For more directions on making this gender reveal party idea, visit Mixology Crafts.
Two cookies with white frosting; one cookie has a bit taken out of it to reveal a pink filling
Gender Reveal Cookies

There are gender reveal cakes, and then there are gender reveal cookies! These cookies look positively scrumptious and are simple to make. All you have to do is add a layer of colored dough in the center of your cookie so that when your guests bite into their tasty treats, they’ll know your secret!
For more information on this gender reveal party idea, visit Sweet Sugar Belle.
Guests wear a bow or mustache to guess at gender reveal party
Mustache or Bow?

Here’s another fun, quirky way to involve your guests in a guessing game. Instead of choosing jellybeans, they can choose between a purple bow and a yellow mustache. To avoid the dreaded pink versus blue gender stereotypes, these parents used yellow and purple for a more nontraditional and non-heteronormative gender reveal. Go, progress!
For more on this gender reveal party idea, visit Colour Her {Hope}.
A white board with a line down the middle, with "boy" written on one side and "girl" written on the other
Gender Reveal Games

Gender reveal games allow an uneventful afternoon of juice and cupcakes into one where everyone gets to be eight years old and full of energy again! Have your guests write their guesses on a whiteboard, have a Nerf gun game with Team Pink (or Purple!) vs. Team Blue (or Yellow!), or play an alternative version of the game pin the tail on the donkey. Do the parents-to-be want to get in on the excitement and be surprised, too? Have the doctor write the gender in a sealed envelope and hand the envelope to a baker, who can then bake the cake with either pink or blue batter!
For more gender reveal party games, visit Through Clouded GlassWhen Love Grows, and Paula Vaughan's blogspot.

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