"My Precious": Throw a DIY Lord of the Rings Party

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016

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Want to throw a party but don't know where to start? How about we take you to Middle Earth where fantasy and magic rule? If you love the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, then this round up is for you. Throw an Elven extravaganza that would even set Smaug ablaze. Come on this journey with us to find the Rings of Party Power and learn how to throw a festive celebration for your friends and family.

Elven Lembas
The Geeky Chef
Elven Eats

Whilst marathoning the LOTR trilogy, munch on some sweet Elven fare, like these lembas from the Geeky Chef. Cover the yummy bread with a leaf, tie it off with string, and then you're good to go...or eat, whichever you prefer.

Smaug Napkin Ring
The Nifty Nerd
Lord of the Napkin Rings

Depending on how you feel about repurposing book pages, these nerdy napkin rings from The Nifty Nerd could be the perfect tabletop addition to your party. Paste strips of the book page onto a cardboard tube, and adorn with a Lord of the Rings charm, like a Smaug pendant.

A Gothic Candelabra Fit for Gandalf

Finish off your table settings with this DIY candelabra from YouTube user Mika Chan Sailor. Both medieval and earthy, this stunning centerpiece that is reminiscent of Mordor.

Middle Earth Candle
Lord of the Candles

Print out the Lord of the Rings pages and maps from BreeCraft, and Mod Podge them onto different candles and votives for exquisite, nothing-but-novel decorations.

A Bangle for Bilbo

Recreate the look of the One Ring in bracelet form thanks to Wattlebird. These bangles are so fun and easy to make that you could make a bunch to wear at the party or as party favors.

Smaug Is Always Watching

With some clay, some patience, and a penchant for molding, you can turn any old jar into Smaug's fierce eye, like YouTube user KlairedeLysdotcom did. Just a suggestion: don't look directly into the life-like Smaug eye, or you may be filled with the fear of a thousand Dwarves.

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