The Best Philadelphia Eagles Crafts and Handmade Gifts

Posted by on Apr 05, 2022

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Philadelphia Eagles admirers are extremely passionate and a little crazy. Some “Iggles” fans love their team like family — and the football season can be one long Thanksgiving dinner where fans celebrate, argue, boo and throw things. In the case of Eagles fans, they like to whip snowballs at opposing coaches and Santa Claus. But that same familial love also inspires heartfelt gifts and handmade crafts. For example, the Tailgate Wife has instructions for how to make an Eagles Christmas Tree. 

Below are some of the most astounding Philadelphia Eagles DIY fan crafts we could find. Of course, some of them are astounding because we couldn’t believe they were made.

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Eagles Bar

Philadelphia Eagles homemade bar
For the football fan who loves tailgating at home, few pieces of furniture could be more impressive than a six-foot Eagles Super Bowl champions bar. This Etsy find is built out of sawn cut wood and hand-painted. That rough and tumble finish will easily stand up to spilled beers and Wawa hoagie oil. Sure, it costs $2,500, but the biggest Eagles fan on the block deserves it.

You can also make your own DIY bar wood bar (green paint not included) for about $100. But you’ll probably need thousands of dollars with of semi-pro saws to do it right. Take your pick.

Philadelphia Eagles License Plate Sign

Want your own Philadelphia Eagles license plate sign? You can buy it for about $150 at Etsy, or make it for considerably less, although you’ll probably wind up with a lot of random license plate letters on your hands.

Buying a lot of 15 used, green and white Vermont license plates plus a few Pennsylvania ones mixed in will cost you between $20 and $30. The rest is a plank of wood and screws. Probably $40 of materials overall and some time to paint the plank line up the letters, tap the pieces flat, and screw them in. It takes a little patience to cut and trim all the pieces so they align neatly, but it doesn’t take much time. If you really enjoy making the sign, the host of the Southern Balance video explains, making license plate signs can also be a very profitable business.

Philadelphia Eagles Holiday Wreath

If you’ve never made a deco mesh wreath, there are many ways to design one. In the below video, DIY Dion demonstrates five different methods for making a wreath, some have more curlicues, others are pouffier. On Etsy, you can buy the above Eagles wreath for $175. So should you make it or buy it? Consider that you can purchase a 30 foot roll of deco mesh for $4, or if you go fancy pants, maybe $10. The wreath ring is $1.50 and the ribbon with the Eagles logo is no more than $6. 

That means any person who has sold an Eagles wreath for $175 is a genius. Shannon, the seller, has several five-star reviews. Step aside Einstein, Shannon has figured out how to make a 500-plus percent profit with Eagles wreaths.

If you’re willing to learn how to make a deco mesh ring, you can practice and make five or six messy ones and still not spend $100, let alone $175. If you want to make one in the style of Shannon on Etsy, check out DIY Dion’s ring wreath style and use green and silver mesh as well as Eagles ribbon (which can be bought on Etsy).

Crochet Wine and Hat Cozy

Want to show off your crochet skills to an Eagles fan and don’t have the time knit or crochet a full size scarf and hat? Make one to put on a bottle of wine.

Does a bottle of wine need winter outerwear? Probably not, but it is darling. If you don’t have the time or interest in making a miniature hat and scarf set in green and grey, you can buy one for the reasonable price of $18 on eBay.

String Art

Chances are string art isn’t he first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Philadelphia Eagles. But making wall art with the logo is definitely possible. For those who are curious about the origins of the art form, a school teacher created in the 18th century as a way to demonstrate mathematical concepts such as geometry. The relatively obscure pastime took off as a popular hobby in the 1960s and now the Philadelphia Eagles are the beneficiaries.

You can definitely make your own Eagles logo string art, but unless you’re already proficient at the pastime, it may just make more sense to buy one on Etsy for $50.

Tissue Box Cozy

If you know how some basic stitches, you can make a tissue box cozy. While $23 is a fair price to buy on eBay, you make have your own ideas about what you’d like the design to look like.

This project typically begins with a canvas, so you’ll need to design your own, but the materials only cost a handful of dollars. When you're done, you can keep your tissue box close for when the Eagles kicker shanks the game-winning ball outside of the uprights. (Eagles fans understand.)

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