Craft Bits — Angry Bird Jewelry, DIY Grinding, A Knit Queen

Posted by on May 25, 2012

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Robert Nemeti / Solent News & Photo Agency


This week brought us news of a British woman's 500-hour knit amigurumi honoring Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebration as well as the Web's five best marketplaces for selling handmade crafts online. Looking to learn about something crafty but a little less ... involved? One news source offers insider tips for grinding your own burger meat this Memorial Day.

diorama knit of queen
The Royal Wave 

Sheila Carter created a 6-foot knit diorama of the Queen Mum's parade down the Thames, slated for June 3rd in honor of the royal's Diamond Jubilee. It features London's Tower Bridge, spectators and even a grumpy Prince Philip stiff-upper-lipping it. 
The Daily Mail has more on this 500-hour knit project. 
online craft marketplace
The Handmade Sell 

For those interested in launching a handmade craft business, PC World has rounded-up the best online marketplaces. Etsy, of course, gets top billing, but they also explore digital sellers like DaWanda and Bonanza and which markets they reach best. 
To find out which market is right for your handmade craft, check out PC World
angry birds ring
Angry Jewelry 

The online game Angry Birds has announced the launch of a themed jewelry line, and the silver rings and angular pendants are surprisingly chic, considering they're inspired by a phone game. 
Forbes has more on the design and creation of the Angry Birds jewelry. 
woman at garden show
Flower Power 

This weekend is the start of the annual Chelsea Flower Show as well as the Chelsea Fringe, a rebellious flower festival running alongside the more formal fair, which features guerilla gardening and an edible bus stop. 
For more on how England's poor spring weather has affected the Chelsea Flower Show, head to The Telegraph.
hand-ground burger
A Burger to Grind 

Memorial Day Weekend is practically synonomous with cookouts and sunshine. For those wanting to add a little DIY to their day, the Miami Herald offers a free how-to for grinding your own beef, lamb and even pork burger meat.  
The Miami Herald describes the best meat cuts for grinding your own burgers. 

Image credits (from top): Robert Nemeti / Solent News & Photo AgencySolent News & Photo Agency, DaWanda, Forbes, Rii Schroer and Bob Fila / MCT

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