The Smartest and Silliest Bitcoin Gifts We Found on Etsy

Posted by on Apr 17, 2024

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If you know someone who’s obsessed with Bitcoin, it can be tough finding them just the right gift. After all, they may be annoying rich or depressingly poor, depending on the week. 

Either way, he or she will undoubtedly be giving you advice about how “Bitcoin is the future” and “You shouldn’t miss the train.” Don’t have millions to spend on a new yacht or penthouse for that special someone? How about giving them a unique Etsy find that celebrates their passion? 

Can’t afford any of these gifts? You can always look for advice on to figure out how to make some coin.

Crypto Bitcoin Sneakers

Got a friend who wants to be living the high life yet also down with the streets? For that Kendall Roy in your circle, there are Bitcoin customized Air Force One sneakers (pictured above). With a flashy gold motif, they bring the bling to boardroom. Yes, they’re $280, but for the right O.G., they’re drip kicks.

Smells Like Bitcoin Candle

bitcoin candle
Want something a little more subtle and practical? The “Smells Like I’m Going to Talk About Bitcoin” candle is a gift that says “Yeah, you’re kind of money obsessed, but I still love you enough to want your house to smell good.” Get it for $23.

Dogecoin Cake Topper

Dogecoin Cake topper
If you’re going to get a Dogecoin cake topper, be sure the recipient has a sense of humor. First of all, you’re going to need to make a cake to put in on, which requires a little dedication to the gag. If the person just lost a lot of money investing in Dogecoin, you may wind up with a face will of Dogecake. That said, the topper is only $12.50.

Bitcoin Price Ticker DIY Kit

Bitcoin Price Ticker Kit
Perfect for the Bitcoin fan with a lot of time on his or her hands, this Bitcoin Price Ticker Kit requires some soldering and programming. What better way for a Bitcoin enthusiast to prove their understanding the cutting edge technology than to assemble a price ticker? In case you’re wondering about the code, it’s good to be familiar with Arduino programming before you attempt to build this kit. Cost is $45.

Bitcoin Cross-stitch

Bitcoin Cross-stitch
As hard as it may seem, there are some Bitcoin projects on Etsy that overlap with traditional crafts. Case in point: The charming Bitcoin Symbol Cross-stitch Sampler. It’s the gift that says “I appreciate your tech geekdom with some down-home love.” Plus it’s only $4 for the pattern.

I Would Never Trade You Card

Bitcoin greeting card
Heartwarming and clever at the same time, this Bitcoin card turns those trading charts into the cover of a greeting card. At only $4, you can make a sweet statement without breaking the Bitcoin bank.

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