The Perfect Handmade Gifts for Boss's Day

Posted by on Oct 09, 2014

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Who's the toughest person on your gift list to buy for? For me, it's my boss, hands down! I don't know her that well on a personal level and even though we're friendly, I still want to maintain a degree of professionalism with her. With Boss's Day coming up on October 16, I've been on the hunt for appropriate (but special) DIY gift options. Here are some of my favorite finds!

crochet coffee cozy
This crocheted coffee cozy is just the thing to bring a touch of warmth to your boss's day β€” and it has a special pocket to hold a packet of her favorite sweetener.

fabric business card holder diy
hand-sewn business card holder made with fabric that suits your boss's personality is always a welcome gift. Like wallets, you never want to give one that's empty, so slip a gift card to the local coffee shop inside! 

sharpie marker mug
I've seen lots of different sharpie marker designs on dishes, but I really liked this slightly cheeky mug for the supervisor with a sense of humor! 

handmade etched glass paperweight
Add some elegance to your boss's desk with a lovely lacy etched glass paperweight. It's a small piece of art with a purpose. 

etched glass frame emergency candy
Here's another great glass-etching project that adds a splash of color to any office and brings a smile to everyone who sees it. Everyone needs a stash of emergency chocolate ... although I'd kind of hate to see my boss shatter all my hard work.

diy desktop zen garden
Your boss's day is bound to be stressful from time to time. A DIY desktop zen garden with hand-painted pebbles is not only pleasing to the eye, but can be very relaxing, too. And guess what office break room item the little rake is made out of? 

sticky note holder frame diy
One of my boss's favorite ways to stay organized is with sticky notes. She can keep them close at hand with this clever holder β€”it's an acrylic frame flipped on its back β€” genius!

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