Turning Unforgettable Photo Memories into Memorable Gifts

Posted by on Dec 07, 2023

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If the holiday season is all about making memories, it certainly makes sense to turn some of those memories into gifts. While almost everyone has a camera and can easily access hundreds or thousands of digital images, there’s something extra special about seeing a photo in real life. 

You can turn snapshots into wall hangings, T-shirts, needlepoint pillows and plenty of other gifty objects. Below we detail some easy and impressive ways to turn those fave pics into holiday keepers. 

Don’t have time to make something? Consider ordering a personalized photo gift from a company such as Artpix, which creates 3D crystal keepsakes out of photos. You can guarantee you’ll be giving a one of a kind conversation starter.

Christmas Ornaments

Nitsa Creative Studio shows you how to make several different types of ornaments using photo transfer techniques. The host explains how you can attach inkjet and laser printed photos onto wood, ceramic and glass ornaments.

Photo Cube

This photo cube makes a fun way to interact with photos. Creating one of these folding blocks requires a little planning and a lot of measuring. Some are made with paper, others with wood cubes. You’ll probably want to watch several of how to videos about photo cubes before attempting you own.


If you know how to do an epoxy based photo transfer, making personalized picture keychains should be fairly easy. The hardest part may be finding a sturdy chain that will stay attached to the fob and connecting it properly. A lot of people use a cutting machine like a Cricut to shape the photo, but it isn’t necessary.

Photo Lamps

Putting light behind the photo images adds an extra aura that the images may not typically have. These mini lamps begin by transferring images to tall glasses or votives and then placing lights in the container. If you print the photos in black and white or sepia tone, the project has an ethereal finish.

Photo Box

While this box is more or less a photo album, it’s definitely more aww inspiring than most. The project doesn’t demand a high skill level, but patience with measuring, cutting and gluing. The finished result will definitely get a better response than a plastic drugstore binder.

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