Craft Bits — Bernie Madoff iPad Cases, Sewing Cafes, Recycled Jean Cards

Posted by on Aug 12, 2011

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Sydney Morning Herald


This week, the craft internet is full of stories about all things sewing.

Like these iPad cases. And they're not just any iPad cases. Nope. They're made from Bernie Madoff's old clothes. Yeah, it's a little creepy, but we're all for upcycling ... even if it is the clothes of the fraudiest man ever. (Seriously, would you buy one?)

To find out more about the Bernie Madoff iPad cases, visit the Sydney Morning Herald.

American Craft Council Show
American Craft Council Show
We're Going Back to Cali

Or at least we wish we could. The American Craft Council is having a show in San Francisco this weekend. It's a little more upscale than your average fair, but it's a good place to ogle high-end handmade items and get inspiration.

For more info about the American Craft Council Show, visit SF Gate.
Denim Cards
Washington Post
Denim Cards

While thrifting, we've seen more stacks of unwanted jeans than we care to even think about. But at Paperworks Studio, that discarded denim gets a second life as a greeting card. Pretty cool (even in Miley way).

To find out more about the denim cards, visit Washington Post.
The New York Times
Suddenly Trendy: Sewing

As if we needed to tell you, lots of people like to sew. Some just treat it more as a lifestyle than a hobby. And those people ended up in the New York Times in a trend piece about how traditional hobbies are becoming increasingly popular. Did you eye roll at this one, or did you like the longer look at how you can take a pastime to a whole new level?

To see the article on the sewing trend, visit The New York Times.
craft cafe
Halifax Courier
Craft at a Cafe?

If you love sewing, but find it to be a bit of a solitary experience, you could take your needle and thread into your favorite coffee joint. And then hope you don't accidentally hit someone when you're pulling through a stitch. Or, you can go to a craft cafe. It's a place where crafters of all stripes can connect and engage in their favorite hobby all at the same time. (Sound familiar?) We love this new cafe in Halifax, which is dedicated to social sewing.

To read more about the sewing cafe, visit the Halifax Courier.

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