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Posted by on Mar 21, 2011

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Meet your new favorite internet time-waster: Hipster Puppies. The website features exactly what you’d think: a gallery of dogs in faux-vintage finery, moodily glaring at the camera. Future gift alert: The blog will be in book form come summer.

Meet Me At Mike’s behind-the-book-scenes diary
In Other Blog-to-Book News …

Adorable Aussie craft blogger Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mike’s has another book (her third!) in the pipeline. While we’re still waiting for her first to hit U.S. shores, we’re digging the behind-the-scenes diary of how the latest book is faring.
Check out Meet Me At Mike’s behind-the-book-scenes diary.
young house love blog
Some Bloggers Don’t Have Book Deals …

… instead, they’ve found a way to support a whole family off ad revenue from their websites. Such is the case for the couple behind Young House Love, a site that covers home decor/DIY topics for first-time home owners. (If you want a serious case of blog envy, check out their top-ranked post, which has over 5,000 comments!)
Read more about the Young House Love blog.
screengrab of
Give Your Own Blog (or Brand) a Boost …

We really dig Diane Gilleland’s columns about the business of handmade at Craft and her Craftypod blog. This month’s installment details how you can put together an online marketing plan that’s not cheesy, gimmicky or hard to do. A definite must-read.
Learn how to craft an online marketing plan for your handmade business.
screengrab of etsy
Speaking of Selling Online …

Have you heard about the recent controversy over Etsy’s social tools that ended up exposing some shoppers’ private transaction info? Eek. While the folks at Etsy have resolved the matter, it’s a little reminder that the internet world sometimes isn’t as secure as we’d like to think. The takeaway: If you’re going to buy something mildly embarrassing, use a different e-mail account.
Read more about the Etsy privacy debacle from Forbes.
handmade vase sold at handmade for japan auction
Handmade for Japan
Shop for Japan Disaster Relief

A handful of artists have started up auctions under the Handmade for Japan umbrella, to benefit devastated areas of the country. While this particular auction is more on the high-end of the spectrum, 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the cause.
Find out more about the Handmade for Japan auction.
quilt lost by ups
Cathy Woodruff/
Have You Seen This Quilt?

If so, master quilt artist Janet Atkins will be very thankful. She loaned the prize-winning quilt (titled “Kaaterskill”) to a newsletter for a photo shoot, but UPS lost it on the way back. And while it was insured at its value (of $3,300), you can’t insure the hours and hours that went into the piece.
Read more about the quilt that’s stuck in UPS limbo.
katie holmes diy habit and new clothing line
Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc/Sipa Press
Add Katie Holmes to the List of Celebrity Crafters …

She sews little aprons for her daughter Suri, tablecloths and doll clothes, with a (presumably fancy) sewing machine that Tom Cruise bought for her birthday. Her experience with going the DIY route might have inspired her new clothing line, Holmes & Yang — all the garments are handmade by craftspeople in New York and Brooklyn.
Read more about Katie Holmes DIY habit and her new clothing line from US Weekly.
target’s diy sales boom
Katie Holmes Isn’t Alone …

Sewing-machine purchases are hitting a record high, along with an uptick in interest for DIY classes (like the design-your-own wallpaper class by Papered Parlour). Though these stats are for the U.K., the U.S. can’t be too different: We’ve spotted a wide range of sewing machines for sale at the local Target.
Read more about the boom of DIY-related sales.
80s romance novel re-creations
We’ll Leave You with a Dramatic Near-Kiss …

How life-enhancing is this photo project that features a real couple recreating '80s romance novel covers? Extremely life enhancing.
Check out more of the '80s romance novel re-creations from Miss Moss.

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