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Posted by on Oct 24, 2013

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We are not a family of artists. But drawing and painting and working with clay blisses us out like nothing else on earth. Here is the proof. The other day a set of Liquid Chalkers arrived in the mail. They are, at their essence, dry erase markers that can easily work on mirrors, glass and whiteboards. Magic marker fat with a slanted tip that allows for thick or thin lines, they're filled with vibrant-colored ink that dries matte and is made for use on non-porous surfaces.

Once you start looking around the house, you see opportunities to use Liquid Chalkers everywhere. Scrawl a quick reminder for your kid to take their lunch money on the mirror in the hall. Decorate the sliding glass door for the holidays, add a touch of color to a black and white print, write an inspirational message on the car. Your canvas becomes huge, allowing for creations beyond the normal scope of 8 1/2" x 11" paper. And truly, a mistake is easily erased with a quick swipe of a paper towel.
Front door decorated by LiquidChalkers magic markers
Photo by Kate Uhry
We started with a big canvas. At the door to the shower, all three of us squeezed in tight and giggled as we drew fish, bubbles and seaweed. We moved on to the mirror, where the inspirational messages change daily from "hello ... beautiful," to "Message 4 U — U R a thing of beauty" to "you look gorgeous." I drew a dog on the front door to warn people of the welcome they would receive inside.

We left the markers out on the table, and would look eagerly around in the morning for new messages. "I love you" appeared on the coffee machine. A well-placed mustache made for laughter as you washed your hands. Neighbors commented on our front door art. And whenever we started to get cranky, we picked up the markers and drew a little something. 

Bliss in the form of markers. Who knew?

This post was made in partnership with Liquid Chalkers.

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