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Posted by on Dec 09, 2011

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Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai


In this week's Craft Bits, we bring you stories about a vintage club in Los Angeles, the world's longest yule log and a heartfelt way one knitter is unconventionally giving back to her community. But first, are you ready for your close-up? If so, there's a new reality show casting for crafters of all stripes. If you think you can give Snooki a run for her money in the reality world, this is your moment.
For more details on the crafty reality show, visit Reality Wanted.

longest yule log
The Longest Yule Log?

This time of year there's no shortage of "The Longest [fill in the blank] Ever Made" stories, and holiday baked goods are no exception. Turns out a group of pastry chefs in the U.K. have made a 46-foot-long yule log. It took about 26 hours from start to finish. However, this may not be the longest yule log this year. A report out of China says 80 chefs got together at the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai to break the Guinness Book World Record and bake a 3,000-foot chocolatey wonder. Congratulations, China, you've got the biggest yule log in the world. For now. Kind of makes our holiday baking prep look easy, doesn't it?
mod clubbing
Party Like It's 1959

In Los Angeles, there's at least two clubs where you won't have to listen to Drake or Rihanna. At Club Soulside and Cafe Club Fais Do Do, it's all about records from the late '50s and early '60s and mod outfits. We're so jealous we don't have this in our neck of the woods!
To find out more about the mod clubbing scene in Los Angeles, visit the LA Times.
tea bag dress
1 Designer + 4,000 Tea Bags + Many Friends = Amazing Dress

Suraya Mohd Zairin, a 16-year-old science student, has a love of flowers and, apparently, tea bags. With the help of several friends she collected 4,000 bags and designed a dress inspired by floral shapes that won her top prize at the Green Awards in Kuala Lampur.
For more, check out The Frisky.
star wars geek craft
Holiday Gifts for Geekcrafters

Want to make a "Star Wars" planter? Or a hand-felted solar system? Then geekcraft extraordinaire Bonnie Burton has you covered in her geek blog for CNN.
To see more of Bonnie's creations, visit CNN's Geekout.
knitting behind bars
Knitting Behind Bars

In more serious news, a knitter in Baltimore is putting her skills to use in her community. But it's for an unlikely population: prisoners. She describes it as inspiring calm, "zen" moments. We like the idea — what do you think?
To read more about how inmates are picking up knitting, visit The Baltimore Sun.

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