Craft Bits — Cupcake Sausages, American Craft Beer Week, Crochet Worlds

Posted by on May 18, 2012

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With meat-shaped cupcakes and womb-like crochet worlds, this week's craft news is taking a walk on the odd side. But thanks to American Craft Beer Week, we're guzzling it all down without batting an eye.

beers and signage from American Craft Beer Week
Whip Up a Batch

Sunday will conclude Craft Beer's seventh annual American Craft Beer Week, a celebration of small-batch brewery culture. Fans connect with craft beer producers via tastings and festivals the nation over. 
For craft beer celebration ideas and events, head to Craft Beer.
cupcake hot dog with doughnut bun and topping
The Worst Wurst? 

Craft beer run got you hungry? Cupcake Project has created a new recipe, stuffing chocolate cupcake batter into sausage lining. The “innovative” mash-up is then grilled and served with a Long John doughnut bun and raspberry topping. Yum?
For more on the cupcake hot dog, or even a free cupcakewurst recipe, head to Cupcake Project
crochet sculpture artwork
Worlds Away 

Artist Ernesto Neto's latest artwork — a crocheted mini-world — went on display at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Called "Cuddle on a Tightrope," the intestinal-like crochet creation uses plush floor pillows and yarn walls to create a cozy escape from the rest of the world.
See a video of the crochet sculpture's assembly or read an interview with its artist at the Huffington Post.
Quilt Improv 

L.A. artist Pauline Boyd uses an innovative freehand style and a variety of unique fabrics — Morrocan silk tunics and African wax prints — to create her counterpane quilts, on display at Echo Park Art Walk. 
For a closer look at Boyd's modern quilts, head to the Los Angeles Times.

Image credits (from top): Cupcake Project, Craft Beer, Cupcake Project, Julius Pickenpack and Kate Steffans

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