Tatting for the Modern Crafter

Posted by on Mar 31, 2015

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Lacework is timeless and a style to be emulated. Whether in jewelry, home décor or wearables, tatting is a beautiful and versatile pattern appreciated by anyone and everyone. Tatting can be challenging, but you can do it with cues from Craftsy, an online creative space for craft classes, supplies and patterns. Check out their tatting classes, and then channel your love of lace and lattice work into these super modern and chic designs.

Tatted Edge
For a simple tatted loop, try this step-by-step tutorial. Tatting is not an easy design to manage, but if done correctly and carefully it can look fabulous and effortless. But, always, start with the basics, like this lesson and design, which could be a nice addition to the edge of a pillow or blouse.

Tatted Flower Pendant
For a simple, single design, this tatted flower is a lovely addition to your collection. This pattern makes for a ladylike jewelry pendant or appliqué. This design was made using cotton thread and has only seven, easy-to-follow tatting steps. Make sure to sport this lacework with pastels and florals.
Kinetic Tatted Earrings (Single Earring)
Marilee Rockley
For the advanced tatter, try this gorgeous earring pattern from Craftsy designer Marilee Rockley. Featuring a main motif and a swinging pendulum piece, these earrings look like delicate and highly intricate tapestry ropes. With a mix of tiny beads, tatted loops and rings, this vintage-style jewelry will invoke nostalgia for bygone eras.
tatted ring
Marilee Rockley
Here is the most elegant string you could tie around your finger so as not to forget ... what was it now? This free tatted ring pattern is a wonderful gift to make for that special someone's birthday, which you would never forget, right?

Tatted Earring and Necklace Set
For a classic, chandelier-like look, try this tatted earring-and-necklace set. With drop beads and circle and loop work, this design is super feminine and mimics the petals of the prettiest spring flowers. By using tatting shuttles and crochet thread, you'll have yourself a lovely jewelry set to pair with your finest spring staples.
Tatted Snowflake
For another lovely snowflake design, try this tatted beauty. Featuring loops and rings, this pattern is as intricate as a real snowflake. It almost resembles Queen Anne's Lace. Talk about a royal holiday complete with this fancy tatted work.

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